I remember way back in one of the earlier Sheepdog fan fictions I wrote, the character said “It’s 5:11 somewhere…” and there’s a dude on IG that quotes that every time I post something really derpy.  It warms my heart haha.

Seriously though, if I didn’t know what 5.11 was I’d have no idea what they were even advertising in that video.  Gucci Glocks maybe?

0:43 – What kind of a psychopath dumps the entire box out then takes a ham fist full of ammo to load a magazine? haha

5.11 is really REALLY doing this whole “lifestyle brand” thing that’s all the craze now. Obviously it’s working. In the winter, every time we drove past the Oceanside 5.11 location on Vista Way I felt a magnetic force trying to pull me in. I resisted.

Thoughts?  Guys I’ve absolutely been swamped trying to finish up some projects I’m working on.  I’ll get back to the regular posting soon hopefully.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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LOL this… he hits us with the backwards roll.  Just a little finesse for your ass on this fine Saturday:

Man that Humvee is on point though.  No doors is such a flex… also I’m really digging that spray can camo job.  It’s like the least pretentious thing on earth, and at the same time also the most pretentious thing on earth.

Oh shit, and at the end of the video he wilds out on the scan.  We see just shy of the full 360, but it’s still amazing.

Me and Rich Graham’s mom: “You’re doing amazing sweetie”

Thoughts?  Would do one of these supine engagement options?  Rich Graham has a bit of a history on this blog haha.


0:14 – Uh Oh… mans sporting a Springfield Armory logo.  I did some googling and it looks like he’s captain of the Springfield Team (since 1985)… hmmmm I wonder if he finds that problematic after the recent debacle?

I was half considering pretending I didn’t know who Rob Leatham is, but reconsidered since I’m really not in the mood for death threats, white knighting, and the various other drama that comes with people being upset on behalf of someone else haha.

Is that some sort of World Champion Shooters Only type ear pro?  Why are they sticking off his head like 92 inches on each side? ahhaha



This mans PistolManiac100 *smh* an actual trash can is even used as concealment:

Oh wow, hi 2017.  2017 be like “BUCKLE UP ENDO”.  Is this real life?  Hope everyone had some time off and enjoyed themselves.  I did.  Molon’d an unusually high amount of labe (for me anyways), ate a lot of food… you guys know how I do it by now.

From the video description: Teaching you another great tactical pistol shooting technique. Using the 1911 pistol as I normally do. Train with me and you train like a man. More to come.

1:56 – He brought a little kid to witness this.

4:37 – Gotta hit us with the slow mo for style purposes.  Ooooooo man.

5:30 – Advanced training.  He had to remind us.

Thoughts?  I’m not trying to be a dick, but you jelly of his skills and his kit?  Needles to say I subscribed to this channel, hopeful of future shenanigans.  The 779 subscribers he currently has doesn’t accurately reflect the entertainment value.

Gat tip: no uno


Hope you took your blood pressure medication today:

Why do tactical videos always have to have the most UN-CHILL music ever?  Shit stresses me out.  Do yourself a favor and mute it and put on Yung Lean – Ginseng Strip 2002 in the background.

0:33 inspired me to do this meme:


If you’re not kicking doors in the NEWEST 5.11 you’re probably not operating at max efficiency I guess?




0:47 – LOL WHUT?  Ok this backwards shit is dumb… This is instilling a lot of confidence that the rest of the video is about to get even more retarded.

0:53 – Yep… Backflips, take a knee, then engage balloon targets.  *SMH*

Snore after that for a while… we just see the dude shooting a bunch of guns for a few seconds at a time.

2:21 – Awwwwww yeah those multiple camera angles tho

2:31 – Bent over and between the legs… sure why not

2:43 – OOOO that engagement then forward ROLL!  hahahhahhaha


Sarsilmaz-Turkey-Tactical-Shooting3:30 – Yea that doesn’t look uncomfortable at all… single point sling-having-ass… *smfh* step up your game.

Who knew Turkey was so tactical?  This is almost Israeli status!  Thoughts?

Sarsilmaz is a firearms manufacturer based in Turkey if any of you care.  Their firearms aren’t very easy on the eyes.  The might work well though *shrug* I don’t know.

Gat tip: Dan