TheYankeeMarshal speaks on it:

nutnfancy-tactically-constipatedOperator culture is so widespread now it’s hilarious.  Even instructors with no operational experience are teaching “operator” stuff by mimicking things they’ve seen in online in YouTube videos and god forbid even in movies.   I agree with TYM on most of the points in this video.  Damn though… I’ve said this in the past, but like 99% of TYM’s videos are unwatchable; click through a few and you’ll see what I mean.  I try to watch more of them when I see a title that interests me but like 30 seconds in, almost always I’m like NOPE.



Fam Nooooooooooooo:

@sighthistory spotted this TactiDERP over at @mission_ready_system *smh* Good find all around. ??⚰?

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If you don’t think anything is wrong in this picture, educate yourself haha.


This Halloween:


Ehhhhhh kind a gross looking there right?  Still looks edible though.  Click through to this Business Insider article though where they have real pictures of the same burger which was release in Japan if you remember…. and wow those are gross looking.

Meh cool novelty I suppose for kids.  After seeing those “reality” pics though, it doesn’t make me want to try it.

Burger-King-MascotBurger King actually has a really banging Twitter account with some dope / current pop culture references.  It’s good to see that.

So, the question: Will operate in a tactical burger operation come Halloween?


Get it? Because the song is a bootleg version of Def Leppard “Pour Some Sugar On Me“:

Operational ninjas, with the all black everythang.

ShakespeareOperatorPour Some Sugar On Me was such a classic strip club song, before rappers and r&b singers made tracks strictly for that arena.  I haven’t been to a strip club in like 8 years, so maybe theres a hipster movement to bring back songs like this, I don’t know.  Update me in the comments.

Gat tip: Zachary


Carlos tells us the difference:

So Carlos is telling is it’s the look vs the actions you take.

1:02 – Dat roundhouse kick

Carlos has another video up where he shits on Instructor Zero’s derp scan method:

The most notable part comes at 3:47. I’m not sure if he’s serious though “Just roll and re-engage”… for real brAh? Damn that roll sucked the life out of him. I don’t even want to try it, I’d probably die. You can see the Zero derp scan method video here. #Hellbow

Carlos-Roman-Tactical-TacticoolThoughts? Would forward roll with?

Gat tip: no uno


Christmas is almost here operators:

5.110:10 – Dat opening walk *bottom lip bite* and she carries a Glock. #Would #WouldOperateWith

5.11 delivered on this.  Glad to see it’s Made In The USA *shots fired?* haha

Gat tip: Eric