Questions are asked, laughs are had, a bromance further cultivated:

Tactical Tunes stays in that ENDO Apparel.  Pistol Whip t-shirt in the video of course if you want to pick one up.  I’m assuming it would even be a good one to irritate annoying “OMG GUNS ARE EVIL MONSTERS WITH MINDS OF THEIR OWN” type teachers, if you have kids.

American Classic 1911s suck is the very first song video he was talking about… good stuff, back in the early mohawk days.  The STAR WARS style lyric scrolling was top notch too haha.


Maybe I’ll retire the Buck Yeager meme in 2014.. I don’t know I haven’t decided yet.  We’ll see what happens, but lately Yeager has been making a lot of sense.

haha that’s awesome TTunes’ son gets free training for life.  What a crazy coincidence.



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