GREYMAN speaks on it:

Larry-Vickers-The-LAVGood video and good point.  I’m looking forward to the first episode of the show with him and Larry Vuitton where they tear some suburban home security a new one.


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Reader Josh J did some shooting last weekend and this is the result:

0:35 – Yeager does not approve. *press checks are for amateurs* haha

0:40 – Backhoe Helicopter Simulator HELL YEAH!  This is what Josh had to say about it:

On a two shooter 180 bay (one RO per shooter) we set up a truck like you were sitting in a helicopter. You climbed in with a loaded mag in your rifle on a closed bolt. A backhoe lifted the back of the truck and moved it side to side and up and down in a pretty enjoyable/realistic manner (and yes I have been in a helicopter and can say that with some authority). One RO shouted “3 mikes out!” and you made your way to the door opening on your side, charged your rifle, and upon touchdown were given a “GO!” command. You eliminated targets while communicating with the other shooter to clear rooms and move through the range in a planned safe manner.

Who-Is-Chris-Costa-OperatorThat one Range Officer is really Blocky McBlockerson with his hand haha.  I’d be like “chill out bro, I’m not going to 360 degree gun-kata this stage if you ease out of my bizNass a bit”…. oh well safety first!

The drone footage was cool.  Nice and smooth!

Josh says this is a monthly multi-gun action shoot held at Clairton Sportsmen’s Club near Pittsburgh, PA the first Sunday of every month.


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