Some of you might remember the shitstorm from a couple days ago, where Sulsa Do Corp “God Rock Ministries / Expert Karate” had a training video with some girls and a lonely guy.  Well that video has been since taken down (huge surprise I know), but the above video is on another channel in all it’s glory.  Oh and the “Pastor” from that “church” stopped by the comments and had this to say:

easy to understand your confusion!!! Military shooters that have had to much time on their hands bashing kids for playing and then taking it for real… This is what happens when people shoot to much.. The loud noise of the guns they use effect the overall ability of rash reasoning… It is easy to see these are just people goofing around!!! Can you get a life or is your brain to far gone! I’m not a shooter or Gun owner and its easy to see the vendetta the person who posted this against these kids is delusional… plus they are using toy guns… World Taekwondo Academy does the same thing with squirt guns to teach formation drills. That’s all this is… I had the instructor of this school come to my church to sing and testify because he is also a christian contemporary artist who has been working with inner city kids for 30 years.. David Bateman is a very good and accomplished Man and has helped many children in their growth!! Sad to see such hate exist to merely try to destroy someone who is an outstanding pillar in our community… I doubt your attempt will work!!!

I still have the original video saved which was taken down.  Pure internet gold.

Anyway on to the video for this post:

0:14 – Sweet knee holster and moves brAh.

Holy those lyrics LOL listen to them!

0:43 – The tactical Christopher Lloyd decides some Katana Freestyle is in order.  Again, top knotch moves.

1:05 – Blow gun?  Sure why not.

1:32 – Tactical knife throwing?  Yep they have that too.

1:43 – The standard Katana onion slice.  A true display of skill.

2:15 – “Elite Combat Training”… there you have it.  Hit up Bateman’s USA Taekwondo ph. #: 423-505-5298 to enroll in some classes and thank me later.

Just in case you didn’t think this guy was completely insane already, here are another couple videos to change your mind:

War Fan Tessen Techniques:

Oh just some “war fan” techniques… no biggie.  Sweet matrix moves too gUrrrrrrl in your “Advanced Sequence” at 2:34

War fan skills are indispensable in boyfriend acquisition nowadays ladies, take notes.  One of the main reasons I’m still single is because all the girls I date don’t play with fans (that was a joke).

Katana Slice of an Apple:

Seeing a weird dude in Yoga pants wasn’t at the top of my list of things to do around midnight on a Tuesday but whateves I’m over it.  Oh and it was quite obvious he just hit the apple with the sword and it fell off the top because it was pre-cut.

hahaha and Will linked this Key & Peele skit in the last post’s comments, which definitely looks like what they are trying to do with those girls here:

Sulsa-Do-Tactical-ShootingMan the internet can be a cruel place to find out you’re not as hot as you thought you were at “training” and other stuff.  Or maybe the pastor will use this new found internet fame as fuel to put out even more outrageous videos?  Who knows…

Thoughts?  Would train with?

Gat tip: SittingDown, Will Smith, PinHead


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From his comment on the previous post, Master Jeff Wade makes a generous offer to those who don’t believe his claims:

Hello Gentlemen, this is Master Jeff.

I’m not sure why only one of you thought to contact me directly (and thank you for contacting me so I could defend myself). I am not hiding behind anonymity. My website is on the video. My address is on the website, as are my hours of operation (see “schedule” link). I invite any and/or all of you to visit. Bring an Air Soft pistol you don’t mind being destroyed. I actually HAVE done all the moves on the videos using Air Soft pistols. I’m betting none of you has. Anyway, they’re only good for one or two disarms, so you might want to bring several. I have a camera here and it will be running, but you may also bring your own. Regardless of what happens, I think we’ll all have some interesting footage to study and publish on our websites. If you can debunk any of the claims I make, I’ll reimburse you for your air travel. If not, then you pay your own. Either way, we’ll all learn something. Also, in the spirit of honest, objective combat training, I’ll also agree to serve dinner to everyone who participates. I’ll also put you up in my own house, where concealed carry is definitely allowed. We can debate combat tactics while we grill out or something.

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