Ruger-Takedown-AR15Damn Ruger, why you tryna empty my pockets?  This retails for $2049 and that’s not even including the $450 .300 BLK barrel.   Seems steep compared to the 10/22 takedown which is only $409 for the cheapest model.  I’m not comparing a AR-15 to a .22, but I’m just saying the multiplier is a lot higher on the takedown AR-15, compared to what you could get a regular AR-15 for vs a regular 10/22 to the takedown 10/22.

This takedown shit is amazing though, I’ll give them that. The one funny thing, if you’re not buying the .300 BLK barrel then basically all you’re doing is getting a rifle you can take down really easy for transport and save a measly few inches of space (in length)… because all you’re saving is the length of barrel that’s sticking out past the handguard if you think about it. What would be really cool is if they made an SBR barrel, and equipped this thing with one of those foldable AR-15 stocks with the corresponding internals… you could probably take down / fold over all the pieces and it would be no longer than the length of the AR-15 receiver itself.   Who’s picking one of these up?


Split the rifle in half and put it in your sweet complimentary skinny backpack:

The barrel and forend of the Ruger 10/22 Takedown are easily separated from the action and buttstock by pushing a recessed lever, twisting the subassemblies, and pulling them apart. Reassembly is the reverse of takedown, and is quick and easy.

A closer look at it in a video from Jeff Quinn from Gunblast:

  • You can check out his review and a lot more pictures – HERE
  • The 10/22 Takedown page on Ruger’s website (MSRP $389) – HERE

The 10/22 is awesome, and if this takedown model shoots as well as a fixed model then they should still a KaJillion of these.

How long until someone buys this and gives their kid the backpack to use for school? Which in turn results in the SWAT team showing up and the media going nuts.

Is it available for sale at a lot of retailers?  I ask this because Ruger said last week that they were not accepting new orders again until the end of May.

Hat tip: Heath



VIDEO HERE –> http://www.vancouversun.com/news/videos/index.html#vYVAUVBhw52p9CtgzIqqNveQrTQtwMqL

Vancouver Sun Full Story – HERE

The ETF was responding to calls of a man in an office with a gun — tipped off by a nosy neighbour whose apartment overlooks Bell’s office. The neighbour thought he saw a real pistol.

Toronto police said the response wasn’t an over-reaction.

God forbid someone besides a police officer would have a gun at work.

I was actually over at Brickgun the other day checking out their different LEGO guns, so when I got wind of this story I knew exactly where he got his LEGO gun when I saw the picture in the article.

From Video:  “They cuffed me and threw me against the wall”

Was that really necessary?

I’d hate to think how they would respond to a bunch of kids playing airsoft in the park, there would probably be casualties.

To purchase one of these menacing looking guns head over to Brickgun – HERE

The Glock type model from the story is called a “Semi-Auto with Mag”… it consists of 277 LEGO pieces and is $69.99 + Shipping

There are also Desert Eagles, Mac-11’s, Beretta 92, and H&K MP5 type LEGO kits availble for purchase.

Purchase at your own risk if you live in Canada :P