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I don’t have any strong feelings about this, good or bad.  On one hand the fact human beings pissed on the dead bodies of other human beings is revolting, but on the other hand these people were trying to kill them, so that makes it justifiable in my mind.

Understandably this is a public relations nightmare for the USMC. If anything i’d prefer stuff like this didn’t get filmed and shown to the entire world because terrorists will only use it as fuel for their burning hate for the United States.

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As the description says: “When a firefight breaks out and an outpost is under fire the choice between rounds down range or uniforms isn’t a hard choice.”

Is that a Canadian thing? Or has the U.S. military occasionally been known to slay taliban in gym shorts and flip-flops too?

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Suspected Taliban fighters stand at a police station in Jalalabad, east of Kabul, on Jan. 26. Eleven Taliban fighters were arrested by Afghan police in a recent operation. (Rahmat Gul/Associated Press)

If you’re wondering what’s with the earmuffs and blacked out goggles, it must be because their future might be bright and loud. (Muzzle flash and gunshot)

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Looks like he is getting ready to fire a hand grenade:

I dub the system “BUGS” – BackUp Grenade Slingshot.

I wonder what the story behind the picture is? Doesn’t seem sophisticated enough to be Russian… probably some Taliban jury rigging.


12 were variants of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, 8 were bolt-action rifles from World War II or earlier, 4 were variants of the PK machine gun, and 2 were small semiautomatic pistols.

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I can see why at first the commanding officer was not impressed. But when he learned the full story about how they had no time to bring the whole body because of enemy fire i’m surprised he didn’t have a good laugh about it.  Oh well.. haters gonna hate. Whoever did that beheading is going to have a cool story and possibly a badass nickname for the rest of his life.

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