You just know whoever driving was like “Hold my beer and watch this!”.

My initial thought was that several members of the crowd were going to get pancaked, so that was a relief.

Hat tip: Chris


Russian accent getting progressively worse:

That 76mm round is a beast. When he started jamming that potato in I was like “wtf?”… It wasn’t impressive at all, he should have stuck to the 76mm.

He’s definitely on the payroll for the World Of Tanks video game.  He shoe-horned a few mentions of that in the last two videos.  At the end of the video is says they let him borrow the tanks.   Why would a video game company own tanks?  Seems to me like something you’d just rent or borrow to make the models accurate, unless they are rolling in the dough.

If you want to check out FPS Russia’s previous escapades in the smaller M5 Stewart tank check it out here.

I would have liked to see the targets moved back further.  The car and that hut didn’t even look like they were 50 yards away.



The Russian accent starts off strong… but then gets weaker as the video gets cooler:

In my opinion, the fat jokes he was making while waiting for his food were unnecessary (starting at 1:38).  That said, the tank has some serious firepower!



There needs to be an American version of this:

We need an American version with all sorts of new and old military equipment.  If one exists, please fill me in.

In order to do this particular tank paintball experience you’re going to have to head to Armourgeddon in the UK.



See this Russian T90 Tank Fire a 125mm shell at 18,000 fps, captured on a Photron camera:

Oh what I wouldn’t give for a slow-motion camera like that. Even something as simple as water dripping out of a tap looks amazing at 18000 fps.


Xzibit should steal some hippie’s VW Bus and pimp it in this manner:

There are lots more pics, and it’s available for purchase – HERE

Hat tip: Neatorama