Everyone else goes big, Taofledermaus the contrarian goes little:

tannerite-binary-explosive-targetNot bad.  Seems like a slightly more exciting / a bit more costly version of when guys put baby powder in balloons and shoot them.

I couldn’t do videos like his because I always assume EVERYTHING that’s cool is illegal.  Like that little claymore mine they attempted for instance.  Can you mix binary explosives with other random stuff intended as shrapnel? *shrug* I don’t know, and I’m not willing to read boring laws for days in order to still not quite be sure.


Hunting… killing… potato-potATo:

Skip to 0:37 seconds to see the magic happen.  Honestly if it wasn’t hogs, my man-panties may have got in a bit of a bunch because if it were deer for instance then I could complain about the “meat not being useable”.  Let’s be honest though, hogs are considered pests and there is open season on them in lots of states which has people nonchalantly annihilating them from helicopters, and the ground etc… then just throwing the bodies on a pile or burning them.  The issue is they cause millions (billions?) in damage and are dangerous to have around in the numbers they grew to.

tannerite-binary-explosive-targetI’m no expert on humane ways to kill animals, but if something is walking around one second… then a millisecond later mist is in the air along with multiple pieces of the animal I think it’s safe to say it’s not “suffering”.  It’s not like the video is “burning hogs alive” or “pouring acid on live hogs”.


Gat tip: TFB


I ain’t mad at this:

It’s catchy, the production value of the video is high, and the lyrics are pro-gun… what’s not to like? The guy even has an operator beard. Bro do you even?

iTunes has it listed as “country”… It sounds like rap-country to me but I guess there’s not a tag for that.  I know that new country isn’t like old country, but this is straight rap with a twang.  I checked out his other video The Muddy Muddy, and it’s the same idea; catchy, high production value, and basically rap lyrics with a twang.

The lines between country and other genres are sure being blurred in the last 5-10 years.


Hat tip: Christopher


Tannerite or die:

Holy that was way more impressive than that 300lbs in a tree video. I’m guessing because the barn was an enclosed space, and smaller pieces were involved.


Hat tip TTAG


VigilantSpectre, always doing shit just to do it:

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-WallsNot something I would have done… you know, safety reasons.  I would prefer to not possibly have a chunk of the container or the lid slice me open and/or embed itself in me.

Ripping the finish off your expensive quad rail?!  A good way to make your rifle look like it’s operated in more operations than it has I suppose.



These bros almost learned a hard lesson:

Looks real.  That was a close one.  Is it shopped though?

A huge pet peeve of mine is when people take the video the wrong way on their phone. That’s so obnoxious unless you’re viewing it on something where you can flip the display and maximize it so it fills the screen.

That’s all we need is a rash of people getting injured by binary explosives.  It’s already BAN BAN BAN every couple of months when the media picks up a related story about how it’s unregulated and a person could buy a semi trailer full and easily blow up the southern hemisphere with one shot.  Lucky even people who are crazy have some restraint huh?


Hat tip: Kenneth