ahhaha the beautiful music:

The takeaway here, is that you definitely want to avoid getting hit by any of those.¬† The 40mm “Gatekeeper” is a whole other level ūüėā… when it hit the gel my eyes got larger and I pushed back into my seat.¬† Yikes.

Gel wobbling in slow motion is really beautiful.  Like a plastic bag in the wind.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I’ve always wondered this. ¬†Taofledermaus takes a look:

From the description:

I think most people have heard that you should never use pointed bullets in tube-fed magazines, often found on lever action rifles. There are special bullets made, with either flat noses or soft plastic tips to prevent the tip of one bullet from setting off the primer of the round in front of it. SO, we wanted to see just what it takes to actually cause a chain-reaction. Don’t try this yourself in your home!

9mm-and-.40-CaliberNot the most scientific, but still convincing.  I really thought at least one of those tests would set it off.

Would I feel comfortable putting pointy bullets in a tube mag? ¬†No, I don’t care what tests show, it just appears potentially risky. ¬†What about you?


I don’t know how I missed this…¬†Taofledermaus did it originally:

Then Mattv2099 did it today:

Judging by the date on the Taofledermaus video I think that’s when I was feeling like shit, clocked out and took a few days off. ¬†Pretty great that it works so awesome… even increased cycle time! ¬†This is the type of forward thinking I like to see in the trollfessional community.

Stained-Glass-AK-47I bet they could also cut a slot in a magazine and wrap a rubber band under the rounds then up around part of the receiver… pulling the rounds upwards and feeding them one by one.


ENDO Apparel shirts in both those videos!  Always nice to see.  You can click the link if you want to grab and shirts or accessories for yourself.


Taofledermaus tests it out (again):

Vanilla-IceToo bad they don’t work well… too light.

haha at 2:39 when he said it was “marine grade” plywood, I intially though he meant like for salt water resistance or something and was like huh learn something new every day… but then he want on to say Army grade so I knew he was joking… and there was that note on the vid. hah he got me though. :P



Taofledermaus with some science:

Taofledermaus-Magic-SandMagic sand always creeped me out.

Wow that’s a LOT of energy transfer… would not want to be hit with that.


Revisiting some stuff Taofledermaus cooked up in the past:

Asian-Man-With-ShotgunGravel, ear swabs, ice, carrot, screwdriver, vitamins, dart, chocolate easter egg, spaghetti, pocket knife, jujubes, nerf darts, x-acto blades, 3D printed bullets.

LOL that carrot tho.

Trolling the media with that 3D printed bullet was an awesome idea. I didn’t realized it got on so many top news sites. haha