I’m giving away two shirts on behalf of one of my favorite YouTubers, Taofledermaus:

Taofledermaus-ENDOClick through the vid to leave a comment and he’ll compare it against YouTube analytics to see where you stand.  You might just win an ENDO Apparel shirt.

“Hey!  You can’t put that up there!”  <— LOL one of Taofledermaus’ buddies reaction to the hoisted California No Right To Bear Arms flag.

Thanks for all your support Taofledermaus!  I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us down the road with the vids.


Everyone else goes big, Taofledermaus the contrarian goes little:

tannerite-binary-explosive-targetNot bad.  Seems like a slightly more exciting / a bit more costly version of when guys put baby powder in balloons and shoot them.

I couldn’t do videos like his because I always assume EVERYTHING that’s cool is illegal.  Like that little claymore mine they attempted for instance.  Can you mix binary explosives with other random stuff intended as shrapnel? *shrug* I don’t know, and I’m not willing to read boring laws for days in order to still not quite be sure.


Taofledermaus messes around:

obama-beerI propose the name “LARD – Lead And Rust Dust” for the load name.

Not one of his coolest loads, but still not bad.


Taofledermaus with the Rust, wax, and lead:

Can’t spell tetanus without anus.  I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, but let your imagination run wild because it’s a fact.

Egypt-Shotgun-Hulls-On-FingersI love how Taofledermaus has shooters.  That’s so gangsta.

These rounds didn’t really doing anything that interesting, but it’s cool he tried them anyway.  I like channels like his, which are so willing to satisfy viewer requests.


Taofledermaus sciences it:

Keanu-WoahHoly, what the?  So muzzle loaded pellets with the nail gun blanks are actually amazing?  Huh.. who knew.

I wonder how long it will be until “Moms Demand Action” on this?


Taofledermaus does something terrifying:

Xacto-Blade-Shotgun-Loadhaha so awesome.  Although a lot of the stuff he does turns out to be way less effective than slugs or birdshot the psychological effect of flying razor blades is crazy.

As I said in the comments on this YouTube video – “The only way you can one-up this is if you fill a shotgun shell with poo + AIDS.”