LOL proprietary shit for everyonnnnnnne! *in best Oprah voice*:

Seriously people spent actual time and money developing this?  I CAN’T EVEN.  This is such a Cowwadoody basement dweller type product, but even those guys would scoff at that fact this thing has only ONE purpose and it’s not even one that’s even necessary.  The firearms industry has reached such a level, where people think there is so much money to be thrown around they try to fix things that aren’t broken in hopes of getting rich quick.

A lot of people can bring the slide home on their Glocks when they jam the mag in hard enough anyway.  Seems to happen on M&P pistols too.

oprah-derp-faceDon’t forget guys, pre-orders start in April. *snicker*

Check out the TapLoader website for more info.  Oh and one final thing, their motto: “The best thing to happen to your Glock in years!” *drops mic*