Taran Butler

Dude had the gun like 23 seconds and already laser etched his logos all over it haha:

Although I’m right handed, the totally ambidextrous aspect of it seems like a cool improvement.  Everything else seems kinda meh.

Taran is really damn good at point shooting.  I tried that a few times and it was embarrassing.

Thoughts?  You picking up a GEN5? Is Taran sponsored by anyone? (that last one was a joke)

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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5.11 did a video which contained no new info we didn’t already know, but I liked the bastardized dubstep music and seeing Taran Butler operate at extremely high speeds:

0:25 – Does Taran have any sponsors?  I can’t tell. haha man this is another ultra-cringe thing that makes me laugh.  Pays the bills though I guess.  If someone said to me “Mike if you go to XXXXX and wear a tight polyester tour-de-france style jersey with company names all over it we’ll give you $xxxx I’d really have a hard time even doing it ironically.  Maybe for charity or something I’d consider it.  Yes my self esteem when it comes to clothing is that fragile.  How long until the sponsorship spills over onto the pants?  Do big guys get bigger sponsorship deals since there is more space to advertise on?  Get good at shooting… get sponsors… get fatter to increase advertising space… get more sponsors to fill that space.  There’s a life hack.

And Cherries reposted his John Wick video like “come oooooonnnnnn me too guiiiiiiiiiise”:

Aaron Cohen AKA Cherries hasn’t been that active on YouTube lately. Almost made me forget what a treasure trove of hilariousness that guy is. Good times… good times.

I haven’t seen John Wick #2 yet, but it’s on my list.  I hear good things.



Squad up:

Taran Butler… is his first name pronounced “Terrain”? That sounds like what Yeager is saying.  In my head I always pronounced it “Tear-Ann”.  In-head pronunciations v.s. real life when you finally have to say it some day is terrifying.  I run into this all the time when I’m on a date and order wine.  I learned though to close the menu, and then give the waiter the “Oh I forgot the name of it… *me opens menu and points* that one please!” move, to not look like a rube.  One reason I started ordering cocktails now because they have easy names.  Granted I often get screwed on the glass they come in haha.  Tonight, the first one I ordered came in a badass copper cup, but the 2nd different cocktail I ordered came in some sort of lesbian-looking low fishbowl and I was like damn I lost bigtime points for this maneuver.

I think I may have said this before, but I’m glad Taran has honor and dropped that dipshit “Amy Jane” the stolen valor queen from the roster.  Speaking about Taran I have to say, the guy has the hair and hairline of a goddamn lion.  I’m jealous.

Taran-ButlerMan Jessica Hook is cute / cool as hell.  Full disclosure, I creep her Instagram occasionally.  I think it was her who I accidentally double tapped a picture from like 20 months ago.  If you IG, you know this is basically instagram-coolness suicide.  It gives you instant creeper status.  I think I may have confiscated the like back, but she maybe already got the notification on her phone and if she looked and the like was gone then that’s pretty much worse.  “Cool story Mike” I know… this IG shit ain’t a game though.

Sooooo… the questions remains, do I add a three-gun squad to ENDO Tactical and get loads of cute girls emailing me to join?