tatiana whitlock

Tactical ninja tatiana with an tip:

nokia-glock-the-cellphone-thats-serious-about-securitySituational awareness and texting is a B for sure.  Text BEFORE you leave… or you could always do as I do: Slice the pie, blade at 45 around every corner and kick all things in your path over that may be used as cover for a bad guy. Oh yea and run in a serpentine pattern everywhere.


NRA Women x Tatiana Whitlock:

What’s up with that random picture on the wall?  Is it some sort of “still life” type scenario I’m not deep enough to understand?

0:48 – “Make sure you have a clear and downloaded firearm.” haha DO NOT attempt to stream the firearm off the firearm server… it’s just not safe, and you’ll look like a douchebag.

0:55 – Ammunition kills!  Lock it up at all times in a separate room!

3:17 – Ah there it is… tactical operator scan.  I knew it was coming!  Good idea as long as you’re actually looking, not just moving your head.

LaserCan-Spray-Paint-Laser-GuidanceI don’t know how “situational” practicing in a quiet room with a paper target is… but I’m not going to scoff at the idea of practice.  Situational for me would be on the couch with cheeto dust all over my underwear and someone busts down my condo door.  I barrel roll to my AR-15 and dump magazine after magazine… threat neutralized. :P