I wrote another one of these yesterday and tossed it up on IG. People seemed to like it:

“WOOOOOOOO IT’S 5:11 SOMEWHERE amirite!?” said Will yelled just before he used his finger as a fulcrum for his punisher logo keychain, breaching a hole in the bottom of a cold can of Monster Energy Assault. Opening the top and shotgunning the sugary red liquid in three massive gulps, he proceeded to smash the empty can on the top of his YETI cooler he had strategically covered the logo on with an Ozark Trail sticker. “OUTTA MY CoOoOoOoOOOOOL DeAD HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaands.” he sung loudly over the beat of the country song that was booming out of the nearby speakers. Will had no idea where his friends were at the moment, but that didn’t matter because he had lots of beer, and since it was a free outdoor music festival there were plenty of were girls around. Flipping the lid open on the cooler he jammed his hand into the ice and fished around until he located a can of Natty Ice. Just then, the song finished and he locked eyes with a brunette girl in an S&W shirt who was dancing near him. “I like your tattoo, I’m Steph” she said in a sweet voice as she took a few steps towards him. “The name’s Will, but my friends call me Lonewolf” he said nodding the brim of his multicam velcro patch hat and extending his hand for her to shake after wiping the sweat off it on his Wranglers. “Soft hands. Want to have a beer, and help me re-apply sunscreen to this badboy?” he said. “Lonewolf, I’d love to!” said Steph. He handed her the can of Natty ice and the SPF 40 as he reached back into the Ozarkafied YETI for another can for himself. Will wasn’t one to get ahead of himself, but when a female entity in a permissive environment shows that much of an interest… you know, he found it hard not to let his mind wander. As she squirted the sunscreen onto her hand and rubbed it onto his bicep and forearm, Will was concentrating on holding the flex and thinking of his next move. *I’ll definitely get her alone somewhere quieter, by telling her she should come see my Tacoma and help me bring back more beer… that would be smooth*. he thought. *I hope he has a lifted Tacoma with exhaust tips and a spartan decal* Steph fantasized. 📷via @js10590

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I hope you guys are enjoying the sheepdog fan fiction as much as I enjoy writing it. More coming soon.



Dudes are cooking this man on the timeline:

You can check out the post comments here.   Wow in my opinion that’s huge and positioned very out in the open for such a tattoo (quite unlike the small tasteful Hi-Point silhouette tattoo I have on my left ass cheek).

Remember the ironically crooked GLOCK PERFECTION tattoo?

Thoughts?  Do you have any brand tattoos?  Would you get one if you had to pay for it and received no benefits?

Gat tip: @105problemsbutmyakaint1


I’m thinking of getting this tattooed on my lower back:

ShakespeareOperatorI think it would nicely compliment my multicam playboy bunny ankle tattoo.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Permanent Mexican carry troll ink:


Maine man Michael Smith woke up to police with assault rifles drawn on his front lawn Tuesday morning after authorities believed he had a flashed a gun during an argument.

A shirtless Smith had angrily shooed a tree removal company off of his property — spooking the landscapers with they thought was a handgun tucked in his pants.

Full Story – NY Daily News

LOL I love the expression and stance of the Sheriff.

Looks like a Beretta.  Any of you guys have gun related tattoos?



MOLON LABE “come and take it”:

0:45 – “I’ve been divorced for the 2nd Amendment, and now I’m about to get cut for it” – hahah that’s dedication

2:39 – That sound alone would drive me insane

Vigilant-Spectre-Winter-Vehicle-Ops6:36 – hahah VS and their Glock bashing

7:09 – Deagle Brand Deagle t-shirt that the tattoo artist is wearing gets a shout-out. “Sewn together with the whisker hair of dead baby seals… not Chuck Norris beard hair”

I need to sent VS a Keep Calm tank top so the ladies don’t miss out on that ink when they ask which way the gun show is.



This tattoo is going to be pretty famous apparently *eye roll*:

1:25 – yea the tattoo is going to be famous, but he can’t tell you exactly why.

My tattoo idea for him:

A Jackass Steve-O style picture of himself with the caption “I’m gonna start killin’ people” with a full color American flag backdrop flanked by eagles ripping the heads off of Taliban shitheads.  The tattoo will gradually fade down to the lower back area where the 2nd Amendment is written out over top of an AR-15 schematic tramp stamp just above subdermal implants which spell out “Your responsibility to be ready for the fight never ends” in braille.  The entire back will also have a 2nd layer only visible under black light containing a downrange photographer, and large Old English writing stating “NOT A COWARD“.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedI’m interested to see what he gets… that said, hearing people talk about their tattoos and tattoo ideas in real life I find about as interesting as watching paint dry.