I saw the particle rainbow and knew I was in for a treat:

From the description:

The Taurus SPECTRUM is the first semi-automatic pistol equipped with soft-touch panels seamlessly integrated into the grip and slide. Its breakthrough design completely revolutionizes the concealed carry experience – delivering better comfort, better responsiveness and better control. With countless color combinations to choose from, Taurus merges fashion and function for truly distinctive firearms.

I died when I saw this in the vid: “Shaping the future of everyday carry.” and “Always bring it” ROFL ok guys… ok if you say so…

Any thoughts girl? Any of my regular fashionistas care to weigh in?  I consider myself a menswear bro… and in that industry this is what we refer to as a “brick”.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Oh lawwwwwwwwd:

hahah wow.  Remember the shake-auto PT 24/7 video that surfaced in 2015 and the police recall in which they had to recall 98000 of those in Brazil?  I wonder how widespread the problem in the video in this post is.

Seems like HEADS GOTTA ROLL at Taurus.  They need to step up their game.





Millennium G2 CCW gun:

I give it a solid “Meh” and a emphatic “whatevs”, because it’s been done befo’. The market needs innovation, not a try hard Taurus brand Glock.

Taurus Judge:

bruhOh word? The Judge is your everyday gun? LOLOL cool story brah. I love how he’s so in character.  Those community center acting night courses are paying dividends now!

Thoughts? You guys bout this 2016 Taurus life now or what?


Hello it’s not me:

? *keeps sunglasses on*

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Taurus-PT-24-7-Shaky-ShootingButthurt Taurus owners let me hear about your flawless performance in the comments. :P  No matter what you own, know I’m just joking around because we’re fam.

Shake rattle and roll.




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bruh<-- sums it up.
“Quit being an elitist piece of shit. Uncle’s Mikes and a Taurus is all some people can afford”
you say. Uh no, I highly doubt that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the people who normally “can’t afford” something a tiny bit more expensive, normally just would rather say that as an excuse than make it a priority over maybe not smoking, drinking, or eating out so much.



Jessie-Duff-Taurus-FirearmsDamn I don’t like the look of that!  I don’t know what’s worse… seeing a Taurus fire when dropped or seeing a Taurus fire when shaken.

Seems like a really big design flaw, but what do I know?  What does Jesse Duff have to say about this? I bet off the books anyway she’s like *SMFH*.

Thoughts?  Is this a feature you’re looking for, so if a bad guy catches you slippin and says “DROP IT!”… you drop your Taurus and it shoots him in the face?