teacup grip

NRA News’ Ginny Simone reports:

I’m watching the video like… “Ok… ugly IWB holsters (check)… belly bands (check)… ankle holsters (check), hideous purses (check) *facepalm*” then 1:10, 2:55, and 3:35 rolled around and I was like “OH LAWWWWWD NAH”:




Textbook teacups.  The 2nd pic, the girl is directly in the presence of a shooting instructor even… same girl again at 2:55.  Come on ladies… you’re better than this.  If you see anyone holding a gun like this do not make fun of them and call them a newb.  It’s not their fault… they probably are just going by what they see on TV and movies and don’t know any better.  Please find a polite way to show them how to properly hold it.



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