Looks like “Bad Guys Inc.” might have some comedy potential.

Speaking of old music redone… I always notice it at Cheesecake Factory. I don’t know what satellite radio station they have it set to, but there is some funny stuff sometimes which sounds like 2pac songs played on the sax, or someone singing a 50 cent song in a jazz style etc… I know a lot of those songs are actually “old”, and rappers just sampled them, but some of the ones I’ve heard there just can’t be old.


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Using a modified version of Newton’s cradle, a series of stainless steel balls suspended by fishing wire, scientists from the California Institute of Technology have created a powerful weapon for soldiers and doctors known as a “sound bullet.”

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Luckily the article goes onto say that metamaterials ( which is what they refer to this field of science as ) are very difficult and time consuming to create.  Hopefully the TSA doesn’t blow this out of proportion or we will all be flying naked soon with gags in our mouths over fear of acoustic terrorism.

It will be interesting to see what new inventions and applications come out of this.

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