temple index

Mans a bit late on this, since the temple index craze definitely already passed:

He has more control up high, than down low apparently. haha cool stuff bro, I have big hopes for VODA bringing the derp content HEAVY all thought 2019.

Oh man they are roasting him in his YouTube comments, as expected.


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This is long, but pretty funny:

Good stuff haha.  I like in the video how he’s un-ironically doing one of the hottest moves of 2016/2017 – the shrugged shoulders uptight tactical t-rex hold and t-rex snatch back after shooting.  Take my poking fun at that with a grain of salt though obviously, because I don’t even operate.  I also don’t keep up on medical journals, so as far as I know tactical Kinesiologists just discovered the solid science behind those movements and the handgun hold, after crunching numbers for the last several thousand years.

Gat tip: Damn I can’t find the DM anymore, but thank you whoever you are.


This guy is the t-rex king / temple index messiah:

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hahah amazing.  Wow that “threat scan” towards the end is one of the best I’ve seen (no joke).  I think he actually looked.  Hit the pivot like an owl.

Thoughts?  Just when I thought the temple index was out of style!

Gat tip: No uno