Well, it’s official…. we’re screwed:

I just want to be like “Bro, ever heard of SKYNET?” ugh.

Note that this is Russia’s space-bound humanoid robot FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research).


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Jerry killin it as usual:

Thumbs-And-Ammo-Terminator-20:45 – At this point I’m like PLEASE DON’T SHOW ME JERRY’S JUNK.

hahah man Jerry is too good at this.  Perfect timing for me considering I just watched Terminator Genisys a couple nights ago.  Great movie btw with LOADS of action if you haven’t seen it.

4:00 – I’m never one to muzzle sweep myself on purpose, this is all incredibly badass though wow.

Would kill machines with?


Arnold went out in Hollywood with Terminator makeup on and messed with some people:

Terminator-Genisys-Arnoldhahaha that’s really awesome.   haha shots fired at 3:00 – “Who’s this girl?  Does anyone know?”

Terminator Genisys does look pretty awesome, despite the name sounding like a paleo lesbian who owns a Yoga studio and complains constantly about GMO’s.



Relevant to my interests:

Terminator-Genisys-ArnoldNot bad not bad.  Anyone know what’s with the misspelling of Genesis though?  Genisys?  Sounds like a stripper from the future.  Thirsty dudes be like “Come with me if you don’t want to be a single mom stripping to pay her way through college”

Looks like they mixed some old and new Arnold footage which is kind of cool.

Thoughts?  Will view in theaters July 1st 2015?


Unless you’re currently under the age of 18, you probably remember these:

If you want to re-live the frustration and the incredible lag from your childhood hit up the link – HERE

There are about 20 other crappy games for you to try out too.  Quite a few shooting ones actually.. but thats because the platform lends itself to that I suppose.


Probably the most expensive 1911 you’ll ever find…

(Except for those tricked out Mexican drug dealer guns)

The gun is a Detonics Speedmaster 45, that was custom made to competition specs at the request of Tom Selleck for a prior film. We also have the original rental invoice from Stembridge Gun Rentals to T-2 Productions, Inc., two COAs from Stembridge, and the original Detonics box. This was the only gun of this style rented to the production.

More info and pictures – HERE

I wish my .45 made fireballs like that! hehe

Terminator 2 was such an awesome film… I gotta watch it again sometime.