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haha that was pretty good.

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This guy does it:

Talk-Shit-To-ISISIf you’re not talking shit about ISIS or at ISIS on the reg, you’re just not a good American. :)

The kitted out jam-o-matic 10/22 and knives are pure gold. How did he even get a 10/22 to malfunction that many times in such a short period of time? haha EDIT: You guys say it’s a Mossberg 702 Plinkster. Thanks for the clarification. At least the good name of Ruger and their 10/22 isn’t tarnished any longer.

I agree with the sentiment… have a shitty day ISIS.

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An Arizona filmmaker trying to prove a point about police response time was arrested this week after making an amateur film in which a character dressed as a “terrorist” paraded through the busy streets of Phoenix wielding a fake rocket propelled grenade launcher.

Full Story – NY Daily News

We already know that police response time is generally shitty, so this retarded little stunt was uncalled for.   It’s amazing that someone would do this, and not be worried about getting shot.

haha well YouTube user “Anon Filmmaker” (Michael D. Turley), isn’t anon any longer and on top of that he was charged with “creating a false impression of a terrorist act” and “endangerment contributing to the delinquency of a minor”

Calling this guy a “filmmaker” is doing a disservice to actual filmmakers out there. I bet he thinks this is going to make him famous and get him work.


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And their attempts to flush him out:

Ah well.. it was worth a try.

The Al-qaeda (joke) twitter page – HERE


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According to China’s People’s Daily Online, the Taliban have taught monkeys to recognize U.S. Military uniforms and shoot at the soldiers using AK-47s, Bren machine guns, and mortars.

Full Story – HERE

Ugh, lets hope there are no splinter cells here at zoos in the United States. :P

On the plus side, i’m pretty confident a monkey wouldn’t have very advanced military tactics, and could easily be taken out with a .22 LR or enticed to stop shooting with some more food.

Thanks to this story, I will no longer associate monkeys and AKs with this cute picture.