This is SO necessary guys.  If you say otherwise you’re a pussy, and you probably shouldn’t have guns:

Spongebob-Squarepants-Operator-Rifle-AR-15*smh* You know what though, I’m just glad to see he took the proper safety precautions… you know like eyepro, earpro, gloves, and that standard issue Under Armor hat.  Just in case.

Like I said in my Instagram caption, it’s astonishing that five people (shown in the video) actually were all on board with this idea.  Testing bulletproof vests in this manner definitely isn’t one of those “neva bin done befo” type things.  It’s been done lots, and every time I just ask myself why.  All it proves to me is that someone in the company is basically willing to turn themselves into a tactical carny.

Alpha 6 Tactical are the guys who did this.  According to the About Us section, the company is made up of TIER -293 level operators.


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Mattv2099 wax on wax off:

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-Trollinghaha never used it since the 80s, and sure enough they would know it’s missing.  Yeah sounds familiar, parents gonna be parents.

It boggles my mind how Glock (the company) hasn’t put Matt on the payroll yet for testing and evaluation.  It’s been painfully clear Glock could use some help in the Marketing department.

So the G17 will operate in a Turtle Wax operation… good to know.


Jerry assembles and shoots a 30 caliber magazine clip:

Ghost-Gun-AR15-Lower-Receiver4 rounds on target in about a half second.  It’s no ghost gun, but he’s pretty quick… the 30 rounds took longer at 4.7 seconds.

What’s with that timer?  It’s like the size of a small house.  I’m assuming it’s some fancy pro one that couldn’t be put into a smaller package because there are crystals and laser beams inside.



Mattv2099 x DemolitionRanch:

Mattv2099-Pancake-PenetrationI thought I was on a different site other than YouTube for a minute at the starting of the video haha.  I was glad Mattv2099 didn’t join him in the bath.

I love that fact someone actually suggested this as a video they wanted to see… funny stuff.

So in other words pancakes will work as armor in a pinch :P  Sending the food to Africa is always a nice gesture.

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Long, but interesting:

As much as I hate to ever agree with the people who are trying to restrict magazine capacity for “our safety”, it does still seem to me like a good point where an active shooter could possibly mess up under stress, despite their “test” showed it really doesn’t.  Hardly a “real world” type test though when it comes to stress levels.  Where this whole OMG BAN HIGH CAPACITY ASSAULT CLIPS thing gets retarded though, is why would someone who wanted to kill a large number of people even consider using limited capacity magazines?  Exactly, they wouldn’t because there are (and forever will be) millions of regular capacity magazines available for all popular firearms. Oh wait though, you know what.. they might not use them though if they are illegal, because they don’t want the extra charges. *snicker*

New York Reload T-Shirt10:44 – Start of the New York Reload test.  hahah I loved the tossing of the revolvers; ban high capacity revolver holding bags!


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Quick, what does “DERP” translate to in Italian?

I hope they make body armor as good as they make pizza and desserts.  Wow what a boss… I’m so impressed. *eye roll*  I said it once, and i’ll say it again… stuff like this is just is not necessary.  I’d much rather see some scientific data than some derp.

I can’t wait until one or more of you guys says “Why does it matter that the body armor is Italian?… very petty Mike.  If they were testing American body armor like this I bet you wouldn’t make fun of the videos. Oh yea, and the guy testing the body armor is gay, so that makes you even more of an asshole.”   hahah I still think it’s hilarious a handful of you guys got pissed off that I referred to Rachel Maddow as “he” again yesterday. If you haven’t figured it out already, I use this blog primarily to poke fun at things I find humor in.


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