Hardly scientific, but still cool:

The major flaw is that people have ribs and wear clothing.  Interesting video nevertheless…

It’s safe to say that ribs or not, you don’t want to get shot in the heart.


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I wouldn’t do anything like this, under any circumstance, with any shooter, with any rifle:

I don’t care if the late Carlos Hathcock wanted to shoot at a plate I was holding 10 ft away from him… it wouldn’t happen.

Despite the Army Safety Center tags on the bottom, I’m positive this is fake.   All the “actors” in it sound too scripted, and the Afgan guy in the navy hat has a stupid grin on his face the whole time.  My guess is what went down is the first round was possibly real, and fired into the dirt, or they planted a small explosive charge in the dirt.  The 2nd round, a blank.   I’m not going to get into any sound spectrum analysis but if you listen to the first shot at 0:41 then jump to the 2nd shot at 1:11 they sound diferent.

Hat tip: Al T.


Long, but worth the watch. Zeiss does make some pretty impressive scopes… I just wish they weren’t so expensive.

I love that accent, it’s so super-villain.


Brave or stupid? You be the judge:

A fairly thorough torture test though. I’m kind of surprised the guns still worked after all that.


Popular Mechanics gives it a try:


Not much of a surprise there.

Information on the rounds they used – HERE

For a better info, check out one of Box O’ Truth’s old experiments – HERE


Karnis figured out that he need three, to really tune his barrel. He discovered that he needed the Chocolate covered glazed, glazed old fashion and glazed blueberry. After, examining his groups, he thought the blueberry needed a little tweeking, either that or he was a little hungry.

My Hawkeye would just not respond to two or three, had to go a full load, plain cake, glazed, glazed old fashion, chocolate covered cake, chocolate glazed, cinnamon old fashion and a plain cake. Man what a difference this made!

Although, our experiment is highly scientific your results may vary. (Source)

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