Chaos311Clarity, I want your job… I’ll even work harder (aka shoot more rounds on Auto):

The unsurprising conclusion is that Minuteman Munitions ammo works. No .22LR haha so don’t even ask, just 9mm, .40, and .45.

Chaos311clarity-run-guns-endoIf I were Minuteman Munitions I would have breathed a sigh of relief that Jon didn’t do an accuracy test.  Everyone knows that you NEVER blame your shooting on your own lack of skills, you ALWAYS blame it on the ammo.  I teach that in my Intro to Operating course at the local community college every tuesday after the Conversations With Carol help group.

Jon is wearing the Run Guns shirt and Pictogram Hat, a perfect hat for the occasion both from ENDO Apparel.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Demolition Ranch puts some stank on it for science:

Potato potAHTO.. 9mm.. .308…. .40.. 9mm.. tomato tomAHto.   LOL that bulged 9mm shell that was in the .40 chamber… epic, it looks like a loudener.  I wonder how straight that bullet was flying considering it wouldn’t have engaged any of the rifling.  Probably would have keyholed like hot garbage.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDOThe .223 Glock 23 was an awesome idea… too bad the results were less than amazing.  I wonder if you put some sort of sleeved insert in the barrel before loading the .223 round if a person could make it work any better?  I know they make inserts for shotguns to fire rounds like .22 LR and what not… I’m just thinking out loud here.  I don’t know enough about chamber pressures in order to confidently attempt something like this without blowing my guns up.



Carnik Con uses science to compare the two:

Glock 17 and a Glock 21 chosen for the tests… two guns I own, so definitely I’m not mad at that.

I like how the tests were fair and well controlled.  That really would have sucked if they tried to stack the deck in favor of one.

CarniK-Con-YouTubeWhere can I get some Freedom America Ale?  I feel the beer I currently drink is oppressed and not American enough for my liking.

I’m always astonished when people don’t get when videos are supposed to be a joke.  Some of the comments on YouTube are hilarious.



Various slingshots, knives etc. he has in his collection:

I would not want to get hit by any of those slingshots.  The bratwurst in his wife’s shoe for the knife cut test was pretty funny.

Joerg sure has a lot of fun.


Tight shorts, spray on shirt, and dry humor included as a bonus:

I guess it’s not a new trend, that bulletproof _________ manufacturers no matter what the product, feel compelled they need to show a real person getting shot.  Frankly I can’t see if there is internal damage anyway, so scientific data would interest me more.

I know I wouldn’t be lining up to get hit by 7.62×51 NATO ball, or .44 Magnum.  I don’t care how many people lived through it before me.

Was it just me, or with the angle he was firing the revolver at were you half expecting him to take the deflection to the crotch?

Second Chance body armor is still around, so that’s a good sign their products work. I wonder if they could hook me up with one of those vintage shirts? I’d like a Large though, not a XXS like in the video.

Would you stand in front of a gun to prove something the company that you work for makes, actually works?

Hat tip: Andrew H.


I haven’t 100% changed my mind on not liking FPSRussia… but I’ll have to say the guy is growing on me.

That accent needs to disappear though.