tex grebner

This is a bad idea on so many levels:

Tex-Grebner-HeadAmong other obvious failures he demonstrates in the video, it seems like a really good way to Tex Grebner yourself.  I don’t know what people’s obsession with pocket carry is in the first place.  You can get a really decent holster for under $40, carry a proper defense caliber pistol in it, stop bad guys AND not have to worry about ventilating your junk.  Don’t even get me started on pea shooters like that for primary EDC.


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This is pretty good Tex Grebner parody:

If you forgot who Tex Grebner is (believe me, i’m trying to forget too) you can check out the original video where he shot himself, a parody song video, and a short appearance he had on Tosh.0.


You’ll have to turn your speakers up:

Or if you prefer non-youtube in better quality you can catch it on the site – HERE

If you missed the original video where he shot himself, check out When Booger Hooks Negligently Meet Bang Switches.

The Tosh anti 2nd amendment rant at the starting left something to be desired.  Overall, very anti-gun but some of it was funny.

Judging by the comments on his going to Hollywood video, Looks like of his “fans” are pretty pissed.

It must take a long time to put something like this together, because the video of where he shot him self was uploaded back at the beginning of July.

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Needs MOAR bass!

Remixed from the video I talked about in “When Booger Hooks Negligently Meet Bang Switches“.


YouTube’s TexGrebner ventilates his leg with a FMJ .45:

At least he takes responsibility for his actions.  I wouldn’t quite call the occurrence “unlucky” though (as he does in the video description), when it was clear negligence.

I’m not a huge fan of push button retention holsters… this is why.

The best part is “After I got shot, my training took over… I called my parents”

I got a kick out of this one youtube comment by user asystole599:

Practice like you play man….. you shoulda dropped to your back and unloaded on the target. Don’t get in the habit of giving up after you get shot. As bad practice caused this negligent discharge….bad practice will keep you from shooting the bad guy who gets off the first shot.

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