Texas Armoring Corporation

You can call this a calculated risk, because i’m sure they tested it many times without a person, and their quality control is likely excellent.   Still not something I think is completely necessary in selling your “bulletproof” product, when more scientific tests and hard data would do the work for you with no risk.

Basically though it seems like in the bulletproof industry you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t though.   Miguel Caballero gets a lot of flack for shooting his employees at his bulletproof clothing company.  Alternately,  I made fun of Defenshield for saying they stood behind their products, and then wimped out on the higher calibers.  I also made fun of the operators at Indigen Armor for shooting at a truck they outfitted that had guys inside.  Like I said… you can’t win. :P

I’m just glad they aren’t testing the stopping power of breast implants, and hair weaves with real people so far.  That would just be scary.

Would you guys ever consider being the guinea pig in a demo like this?

Hat tip: s30Jared,  Carly, D-Bo, Rick, Gary, Matt, Fred


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