This lady in Thailand gives -8 shits:

I thought the bird was some stupid fake thing on a wire like they sell in those tacky mall stores.  My mind was blown when it landed haha.

Her USA seat almost looks like it could be the Dipset logo.  I’m obviously impressed by the multiple mounted rifles and shotguns, and the weird skull with the horns was a nice touch too.

If wearing a helmet is the law there, she’s definitely pushing the envelope on that too.  The positioning of it and the way she has it strapped up basically makes it useless.

Bird-LawThe Thai consultant I keep on the payroll for situations just like this told me that bird law, like in the United States is also not governed by reason.  Apparently keeping a motorcycle bird as a pet is a hefty fine if caught.



Hat tip: Jeff, Chris


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Looks like it’s getting worse and worse everyday there.