the walking dead

MrColionNoir touches on it at the beginning of the video, but wow is Michonne (a.k.a. Samurai sword black girl) grumpy/angry.

This episode pissed me off… I hope episode 4 goes back to the prison.  I can’t stand Merle (a.k.a. racist white guy on the roof who cut his own hand off)

You can watch Episode 3 of The Walking Dead on Amazon for 1.99.



At 14 minutes long, this review is nothing if not thorough:

I’ve got two questions:

  • What’s with the background music?  It’s incredibly distracting.
  • What’s the deal with the black nothingness for a few minutes at the end of this review and the one for S03E01?  Both times I thought there way maybe something hidden, but there wasn’t.

As much as I expressed my distaste for the zombie craze, I really do enjoy The Walking Dead.  If you need a place to watch this latest episode you can catch it on Amazon for $1.99.



Wow this is corny:

New episode of The Walking Dead tomorrow!  I’m hoping I’ll have time to watch it tomorrow night after it airs.

Hat tip: Lisa, Kyle

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