thirst trap

This just was brought to my attention:

Oh man the comments… a healthy mix of m’lady types, white knights, thirst lords, and amateur comedians.  I can’t imagine how many awkward pictures, and comments she must have to endure while at SHOT show.  That said, she comes across as genuinely nice person so I’m sure the experience is great for everyone.

Edit: Oh I see the video came out Dec 20th.  Oh well, it was still the newest video up on her channel.


Gat tip: Jeremy

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From the video description:

We are a group of teen dancers. We got together with our teachers/choreographers to create a statement piece about gun violence in America, particularly at schools. After 45 school shootings in 2015 as of October 1st, we wanted to express both sadness and hope. We grew up like this. We hope America can find a peaceful way to address this problem. So there are no more shattered innocent lives. No more broken hearts. No more possibilities cut short. We all deserve to be safe in our schools, our homes and our neighborhoods. Please do something.

I’m not one for an over reaching government, but it should be against the law for attractive girls to be anti-constitution.  So many potential bae’s in this video, I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN.  Some smart ass in the comments is going to be like “Uh, Mike these girls are like 12 years old”.  Happens every time, so I’m saying in advance you’re wrong they are 18/19.

birdman-hand-rubI know everyone is going to ask what my remix suggestion track for this video is so here goes… Dr Dre – Bang Bang.  LOL try it… too good.

Thoughts?  This thirst trap is like quicksand though amirite boys?

Gat tip: James