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I’ve seen comments from threepers on Instagram, who are getting pretty worked up over these Coronavirus related rules the government is imposing.  Gotta tell them “it’s for your own good”, just to stir the pot even more.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Smh this:

Yooooooo somebody come get their Canadian mans. 😂

The site is and it is every bit as much of a cultural appropriation train wreck as you might expect.  You guys know how much I hate cultural appropriation 😂, which I happened to recently express in a VODA post.  Initially I thought the site was a joke, but it appears they actually have the products in stock and ready to sell.  The Canadian guy Ryan who sent this to me couldn’t really believe it either.  Also, it seems they are the first company in history that actually CHOSE to have a shitty hyphen in their URL.  Wait, are hyphens in URLs a sought-after Canadian thing?  I say this because at the time of writing this post is very much still available. 🤔 Wild times we’re living in.

I laugh, but piehitters are becoming a problem in Canada according to the CBC in this article they published this past May.  Oh man I almost fell off my chair when I saw this:

LOL a cattle prod A.K.A. what I like to call “The Canadian Extendo”.


Gat tip: Ryan… and Ryan if you secretly own this Threeper Gear company, bravo on the effort and for getting me to post it.  You finessed me with your cordial DMs.  I hope you need to make multiple trips to the bank to drop off all the loonies and toonies you’ll make from referral sales off this post to ENDO reading Canadians who were on the threep fence.


VICE took a look at Ukraine’s rogue militias:

🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦%.  I love how the stereotype is a global phenomenon, I almost choked on my tea when I saw the dude had a punisher head morale patch at 5:00.  I will actually be deceased if someone has a MOLON LABE tattoo.

Damn I was hoping at 6:58 when VICE asked the dude why he’s nicknamed “Thunder”, he would answer “Because I brings tha MF’in ruckus.”

7:45 – haha another punisher logo patch

This guy “Santa” is just posted up in the crib (a modest shrine to his character) eating thick cut meat on bread, blasting cigs, looking like Bond villian with that haircut and 1000 yd stare.

18:43 – That guy has a sick rat tail.  10/10.  Edgy haircuts seem to be a thing there.

19:37 – haha the little kid is playing with an ax

20:02 – After the drinking, then the guns come out.  CLASSIC.