Normally when doing up a DIY Tiffany & Co. Glock mod, piehitters just go for the low hanging fruit; painting the gun Tiffany Blue and calling it a day.  This particular piehitter decided to polish the slide first, then hit it with the trademark “Please return to Tiffany & Co” engraving, vaulting him into the upper crust piehitter hall of fame.  As I was writing this post I clicked through to the dude’s instagram page and it broke my heart to see that it’s airsoft.  He still did the Tiffany blue frame.

The guy also did a CHANEL PARIS hit on an Airsoft Glock slide.  Caution if you click through, the watermark he puts on his pictures is obnoxious to the point of ruining the composition.



Although I haven’t bought anything from threadless yet… they definitely have some nice t-shirts.

Some recently available zombie shirts:

Executed pretty well I must say.

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