Tim McGraw

Ok so Sandy Hook Promise is anti-gun?  I can’t keep all these damn organizations straight, especially when they try to finesse me over at their websites.  Maybe Tim got finessed?  The devil is in the details I know.

I don’t really know the point that dude in the glasses is trying to make… he’s trying too hard though.  LOL Eddie Huang from VICE is on there.  Nice.

Blonde girl says “the problem is not bad guys with guns, the problem is good guys with guns who use them on themselves”…. eeeeeeehhhhhhh.  Really… so it’s a “gun” problem?  Because there aren’t 10 million other ways for these people to commit suicide?

Brunette girl with the shitty haircut knows what’s up… “the problem is mental health”, which she gets applause for but then gets shit on by blonde girl saying “It’s access to guns that is the problem”. Wat?

Wait for it…. wait for it:

3:38 – “The problem is that 1/3 of the country is a bunch of fucking rednecks” -Bill Maher

SHOTS FIRED.  *sirens* *butthurt cleanup on asile 3*  LOL screw you Bill.

Cue the following comments: “Sandy Hook was a hoax”, “Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams”, “Bush did 9/11”, “Browning did 1911″… Yea I added the last one because I still crack myself up over it, and you can buy the shirt at ENDO Apparel if you wish.