The Tinder slider maxes out at 55+. In the past I’ve never had the courage or the want to venture past 35… but this video had me like hmmmmm (haha sorta joking sorta not).

That’s a good looking old gal, I’ll say that much. I bet she’d have a sassy Tinder “about me” too. Something emasculating, like a cute twiste on “Bro do you even operate?” (That e on twist was a typo but I left it in because it works). If you are smooth enough with your wordplay to land a first date, Jane would open carry and laugh at your skinny cut outfit. You’d correct her that it’s an “athletic cut”, then she would throw her head back in laughter. Jane would also make fun of you for drinking white wine, and pay the bill for the night before you even got a chance.

Jane-Brown-Keller-ShooterIf you’re unfamiliar, Jane is a champion competitive clay shooter and one of the founders of the Annie Oakley Shooters.

I’m glad that for my self-esteem, no one has pointed out that whenever I’m single the thirst levels on this blog are radioactive. Thanks for looking out guys, seriously you’re the best.

Thoughts?  Would right swipe?