Magnet on the long piece of wood = success. LOL so nasty though ugh 😂. I could basically smell that through the screen. Every time I have to use a portapotty at the start of a hike etc I’m always just like *sigh* here we go.

The backstory of what happened according to the description:

“We live in Alaska, I was taking wedding photos in the wilderness.  It was a long day and I decided to use the Porta potty. I ran in quickly without thinking about it, and my gun clip did not hold properly. I felt a ‘whoosh’ of air and realized that my Ruger had fallen into the abyss of the outhouse. This all happened around midnight and so I left it there overnight, as I live an hour and a half away. The next morning my husband and His friend came along to help retrieve it from the sludge. My husband used a big magnet attached to a 2 x 4 and pulled a gun out.”

I’m sure the Armslist ad reads: “Only fired once. Been through some shit with it though if you catch my drift.”

Thoughts? You ever lose anything in one of those toilets?

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In which he trumps the stupidity displayed in all of his other vids…

Rather than feeling honored, I think i’ll jump in the shower and try to wash off this dirty feeling I have.

Ugh and sitting on the toilet seat with pants on?  He will probably spend the rest of the week in those pants too.  Sweet mother of god that guy is dirty.

Trolls gonna troll..


Grindhouse style! This is so epic:

LOL at the plungers inside is coat at 0:41.

The group that made that trailer did an awesome job.   I can’t wait to see the slingshot in action.


If you’re a bad guy, ass-seeking hydrodynamic bullets could be the death of you.

Talk about really putting the ASS in Assassination. :P



That kid must have ate a lot of blue Freezies! haha

You can buy Toilet Sniper in Camo for $10 or Red & White for $5.  I have no idea why the Red & White is half the price.


It’s hard to tell whether or not this picture is authentic because the quality is so low, but regardless its funny.

Just when I thought the AK couldn’t get any more versatile! :D