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Definitely an interesting story on which the game is based.

1:30 – Ack! A flu virus can survive on a banknote for up to 17 days?! Please tell me that’s not true.


Holy… the graphics are insane. The heads up display and user interface for the character are amazing too. I picture myself wearing a tactical version of Google glass that shows awesome stuff like that soon. Someday we’ll be telling kids how we used to operate in operations without heads up displays with fancy maps and health monitoring, and they won’t believe it.

Tom-Clancy-The-DivisionThe game is coming out for the newest generation of consoles; the Xbox One and the PS4. I still can’t get over how complicated games are now, in comparison to the ones I used to play.

You can check out the game website for more info.



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Coming out for the major game systems in 2013:

Creating hype over a year in advance seems kind of dumb, but what do I know?  Says “Not actual gameplay footage”, but I’m guessing actual gameplay should look pretty close in the end.

I read Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 book, and played the very first game and really liked it.

What’s the concensus now ?  Is Rainbox 6 still cool? Or Are Modern Warfare and Battlefield way better?


This looks amazing:

Games are so crazy now.

I still haven’t jumped on the wii or kinect bandwagon.  All the games I’ve played so far for either I thought were incredibly lame. This ghost recon game might change my views though.

You can pre-order this game for October 30th delivery – HERE


Doesn’t look Modern Warfare good… but still looks pretty good.  I’m assuming that’s not actual gameplay footage though.

I’ll really have to consult you guys before I purchase a game system… all these games look awesome to me, and they all look the same.

You can pre-order this game for October 30th delivery – HERE