I left mine in until they were barely hanging on, like a wimp.  Check this girl:

Thumbs-And-Ammo-Big-LebowskiThat did the trick!  I’ve heard of kids doing this type of thing before, so I’m not sure why this particular video warrants 1.7M views.

That would be THE WORST if the end of the string was reached, and instead of the tooth coming out it just hit the breaks on the arrow.

As usual, the YouTube comments never fail to disappoint *smh*.

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According to a FOX news article today on security, hackers can aim a Bluetooth sniffing gun at you from long range and tap into your cellphone.

Full story – HERE

Yes, adding a stock to anything increases the stability of it, but If I saw someone pointing one of these things at me from a distance i’d be seeking cover not making assumptions and remarking “oh those crazy Bluetooth sniffers, up to their same old antics”

Photo evidence of why it looks like a good way to get shot by the police:

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