This is hilarious:

LOL that shriek at the beginning.  Phone-EG Loadin’ rockets into the UZI and shit.

So good.  The channel 4YallEntertainment where this video is from has a whole ton of other funny vids too on their channel, check them out.

phony-canadian-rapper-gun-shyEyebrow game intense.

Hat tip: Brandon


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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$20,000 suit from a bespoke tailor in Toronto, Canada:

0:38 – Yea no doubt, I can imagine shit gets real when dealing with oil and diamonds.  Blogging carries similar risks.

1:01 – Did Maxwell ever stop to think that maybe he’s looking over his shoulder because of horrendous suit / tie parings?  Step your game up pimpin and see if that doesn’t change your life around.

1:35 – That doesn’t look like many layers of Kevlar, but he claims .22, 9mm, and .45 stopping power.  No Deagle brand Deagle .50AE protection?  PASS. :P

Here’s to hoping the person shooting at you doesn’t play too much COD and try to land headshots.

Matrix-Neo-Stop-BulletsYou can read more about Garrison, Toronto’s custom bulletproof suit tailor over at their website.

Unconfirmed if they will make a custom Canadian tuxedo (All denim), but I’m assuming they could to meet your needs.

Thoughts?  Better off buying name brand, getting it tailored and putting a vest on?


Toronto, Canada – A pro-marijuana rally is the last place most ‘smokers’ want to see the police, but that rapidly changed on Tuesday after someone pulled out a gun during a 4:20 demonstration at Yonge-Dundas Square.

Details remain sketchy, but it appears that a male suspect pulled out the weapon, causing a wave of panic as the crowd tried to disperse.

Full Story – HERE

I’m not really convinced it was a real gun, even though according to the news story the cops said it was real.  If you see the picture posted in the article and if you check out the video around 38 seconds, the magazine well is odd looking and red colored. Regardless, it was very heroic of the guy in the video to disarm him because its not like he would have known if it was real or not… and could have suffered grave consequences.

UPDATE: At the CTV Toronto (HERE) there is another picture and they are calling it a “possible firearm”:

Ideas on the make/model anyone? Or am I right in thinking its a toy or replica?  At the very most, I’d say it could possibly be some type of ghetto .22LR because it doesn’t look like the slide reciprocates.