torture test

Mattv2099 with the most request trollture test of all time:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-Apparelhahah this guy.  What a disaster that the pumpkin pie test ate the finish off his AK like that.

I think it goes without saying that JB weld would flat out wreck any gun you tried this on, buy doing what it’s supposed to do and welding the parts together.  I’m not surprised he doesn’t want to try that one.



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LOL this is so gross.  Mattv2099 you crazy:

Initially I thought he was trolling when he said Mountain Dew actually created a drink with this taste.  Sounds disgusting, but he was right it’s real. I bet you though that Pepsi (MTN Dew’s parent company) is smart enough to know that off the novelty alone they will make millions.

I used to drink fountain drinks when we would go out for supper some places with my parents, my sister and I would sometimes mix a bunch of flavors together (who didn’t right?).  As far as adding solids though, I didn’t get past ice cream and little cut up fruit like grapes.  To make the drink nacho cheese flavored would have made me gag back then too.

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelMatt truly is furthering science, and should be hired by Glock’s R&D department for testing.  They could even give him his own trollture lab, where he could do skunkworks style projects with unlimited funding.



Mattv2099 looks into the age old question:

This is the luxury that is Mattv2099’s life… this shit is nothing to him.  After the video was over he wiped his hands off on $100 bills before he re-applied diamond & elephant tusk dust to prevent aging.

The magazine insertion is always the best part.

I missed these videos so much, you have no idea.  I know some of you guys hate Matt, but I love the dude.

Caviar-Glock-Mattv2099I saw some guy in the comments wrote that he should RHMB (Red Hot Muzzle Brake) the caviar.  haha that would be gross.



Mattv2099 operates in scientific caliente operations:


haha @ the start of the video… I would have thought Matt would be running some type of tactical plastic bag over the camera so cleanup would be a breeze.

My eyes and nose were burning just watching the video, he might as well have sprayed himself in the face with pepper spray.

Matt truly is creating a valuable knowledge base for future generations by exploring what the Glock can take.



Dugan Ashley from CarniK Con with some rifle science:

Classic Dugan.  haha that song / video at 8:00

I really hope 2014 will put a stop to what happened the last few years, where a million different fly-by-night companies pop up with their own AR-15 and try to sell it as “revolutionary”.  If I accepted all the “Hey Mike, can we send you our best AR-15 ever for T&E and a review?” I’d have had no time for eating or sleeping, and a collection of about 20 more rifles… all which would be basically the same except for various engravings and the fit and finish.  That shit is so boring… people need to start inventing something new and leave AR-15’s to the few companies that are already good at making them.  “But Mike… *FAMOUS BRAND HERE* doesn’t make an AR-15 forend that looks like enough of a tactical cheese grater for me, and they don’t make an 5 ft. long quadrail to accommodate the extreme shark jump costa grip I want to run.”

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDOPeople seem to love their lower receiver branding, so I’m sure the Carnik Con lowers will be a hit.

If you’re buying a CarniK Con lower, make sure to pick up an AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt if you really want to be like Dugan.



Hickok45 does a bit of a torture test:

Reloads, lead bullets, and black powder… Some people at Glock are shitting bricks right now!

Made some nice smoke.  I would like to see the muzzle flash in low light. The slow motion at the end of the video actually showed it real nice even in mid day.

From the description:

The powder charge was Goex FFFF. Don’t know exactly how much, just as much as I could get in and still leave room for the 230 grain bullet.

Hickok45-YoutubeJust stuff it in until you can’t stuff any more. That’s science right there.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys ever try this? I’m thinking Richard Ryan should do a plastic explosives Glock.