tough guys

Dom Raso tells it like it is:

Dom-Raso-NRAYea exactly.  The media brainwashes everyone… I swear some people I’ve told that I own guns, probably thought gun owners should sit at the back of the bus and drink from a different water fountain.  Since I don’t shoot much anymore my answer now when people ask why I own them is simple – “because I can, and I want to”.  Sure that has ruffled some feathers when they realize you’re right, especially when it comes to Tinder babes who are just hearing it for the first time. Whatever though it’s their issue to sort out internally, not mine. Plenty of countries to move to with less freedom if that’s what they are looking for. “But guns kill so many people, if we banned them all those people wouldn’t die every day” *sigh…* Feels like groundhog day sometime I swear… FML. haha