I’m always down for a factory tour:

Yea yea it’s Yeager, which I know some of you guys are going to be upset about and not watch because of that.  I don’t really pay much attention to his videos anymore because they aren’t like they used to be.  I still click around on the videos, but most of them are trying to sell something, are overly/comically intellectual, or contain any one of his buddies who I almost always find annoying.  Yea I miss the old Yeager… when I say that I’m talking photographers down range, duel contract, calling Instructor Zero a clown, will kill anyone who tries to take his guns etc.. James Yeager.   For his own physical and mental wellbeing, and in order to stay out of prison I think this current Yeager version is probably a good choice.


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Welcome to Laos shooting range:

Young girls do the target hole patching, reset the steel, and reload magazines.  You also get a tactical golf cart driven by a girl.

The aerial view at the start of the video shows it is actually pretty big.  I’m not sure if it “may be the world’s largest shooting range” as the guy mentions at 0:29, but it’s big nonetheless.


Gat tip: no uno


Apparently these “fans” that went to her concert there haven’t been following her that closely:

Madonna’s second act at her show Thursday night at the Pepsi Center in Denver featured the 54-year-old singer using a fake gun to shoot a masked gunman and images of blood splattering on a large screen behind the stage. She used the set for her performances in other cities for the song “Gang Bang,” which includes the lyrics “shot my lover in the head.”

Full story over at the NYPost.

You can check out this video to see what they were so upset about.  The particular clip I linked is from a Las Vegas show, but it’s the same song.

The article is full of derp, including one paragraph that quotes Denver sports radio personality Peter Burns saying “It sort of hits closer to home for me” when asked to describe how he felt about the imagery at the concert considering he lost a friend in the Aurora theater shooting.   Really?  Seeing Madonna do her dumb shit on stage made you finally put things in perspective?  *smh*  whatever.

You might remember a couple other times I posted about her guns on stage, one being in the controversy it created in Israel, and the other being a boring rant about how she uses guns as a metaphor which she posted on her blog.

She’s 54.  You’d think by now she would be done with pissing people off, and leave it to the younger ones in the business.



I’m not buying it:

That’s his office?  Heh right… looks like a set somewhere.  I don’t believe anything this guy does anymore.  I find it hard to believe a 26 year old guy with lots of money would have a dingy office with wood paneling, a mainly empty suspicious looking cabinet,  and zero stuff on the walls.  You never know though… I’ve been wrong once or twice before haha. :P

The NY reload holster (holster for two guns) is pretty neat.  The point of the video seems to be advertising for those companies he mentioned.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but why treat your viewers like idiots and pretend that “i’m just showing you comrades around the office”?



Long, but worth the watch. Zeiss does make some pretty impressive scopes… I just wish they weren’t so expensive.

I love that accent, it’s so super-villain.



Damn, and I was just in Los Angeles.

From their website

The mission of LA GANG TOURS is to provide an unforgettable historical experience for our customers with a customized high-end specialty tour. We will provide customers with a true first-hand encounter of the history and origin of high profile gang areas and the top crime scene locations in South Central, Los Angeles. Each tour bus for LA GANG TOURS will have a guide from the South Central areas who has gained hands on knowledge and experience of the inner city lifestyle.

Best quote from the L.A. Times article:

“I’m not saying you have to stop shooting each other,” Lomas said. “Just allow me a certain time in the day. . . . Just let the bus go through.”

Sounds Dangerous.

Interesting though…