This is wild šŸ˜‚:

The company goes by Blacksheep Innovations and is based (in more way that one hehe) out of Zurich Switzerland.Ā  Notice in the above video they are HARD FLEXING with the Toyota Hilux šŸ˜².Ā  The Blacksheep Innovations website is in German, and doesn’t have a whole lot of info on it.. but I’m assuming they are making a Toyota Tacoma version for the state side brUthers considering they would all go nuts for it.


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Not a whole lot of gun content in this, but if you’ve ever dreamed of pushing your family sedan to the limits you’ll appreciate what these guys can do:

Races and Airshows,Ā although a great AmericanĀ pastimeĀ are inherently dangerous,Ā Ā proven most recently in Reno NV. Ā For that reason, although I enjoy both of them, I’d rather observe from a safe distance.

Damn these guys can drive though!

Hat tip: Bryan


That’s a good look for the Prius!

It must be for a movie or something, because the car has New York plates on it.Ā  We all know guns are banned in NYC, so there is no way that could have happened in the wild. :P