I need the gy6 diet and workout plan:

Who am I kidding, I’d probably take one look at the workout plan and break into a cheeto odored sweat.  G6 Andrew knows about working out and filmmaking enough though to get his swole on immediately before he hits record, just so you get the maximum vein pop.  He probably wouldn’t deny it, but he could try and I’d just be like “nah bro, it’s ok tho I’d do it too”.

I hadn’t seen a ballistic gel shot by tracer video before this one.  I’m surprised, because it’s pretty cool.  The best is when the round stops and just hovers in the gel shooting smoke and fire out like a cute lil rocket. 😆


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I remember when all the teenage girls on YouTube were doing these whiteboard videos:

What’s next, are they going to write cute on a stack of blank cards and stare into the camera and drop them one by one to form a story? haha all kidding aside, this ammo looks like it works as intended:

The fact it’s glowing rather than burning is pretty sweet.  When they said “priced so you can afford it” in the first video I was thinking *side-eye… we’ll see*… but I looked at the site and it’s $13 for a box of 20 rounds of 9mm, which actually isn’t terrible.

It’s Patented apparently? Did they come up with a different thing than Fiocchi as been doing since at least 2011?



Demolition Ranch tries it out:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-SwitchNot that cool, just as I expected though!  Thankfully it works well when it’s flying through the air quickly.


Ammunition arts & crafts with 22Plinkster x Demolition Ranch:

Joe-Biden-Finger-Pointheh, cool.  Biden be like “perfect for warning shots!”.


22plinkster got the slowmo hookup again from Richard Ryan:

I feel like a 2×4 (or thicker) would have been a better choice rather than that scrap wood.

22plinkster-YouTubeThat tracer looked badass.  High speed cameras are money.

22plinkster would mop the floor with top douchebag contestants.  They could definitely have him on there as the “nice guy”.



I could do without the dramatic music… this is awesome though:

Cold Tracer ammo is made by the same people who make the Advanced Underwater Bullets For Shark Defense.  Since I am a sucker for punishment, naturally I visited their shitty website and typed “cold tracer” into the search box to give you guys some more info on the round.   Well huge surprise… 0 Results *shakes head* what a waste of time.  I hope they see my last two posts on them and fix their shit, because it’s embarrassing.

Because I have no actual info to go on i’m assuming this is some sort of chemical tracer like the Fiocchi Canned Heat, rather than traditional “hot” tracers that burn while they fly through the air.

Thoughts?  Was my assumption correct?

Hat tip: Andrew