Maximilian P. Onytail demoing their California “Bolt Stop Device”:

Man, that pony blowing in the wind looking like pure freedom.  I think I heard an eagle scream, someone crack a Busweiser, and the rev of a Mustang engine. Too bad Californians don’t have the freedom to NOT require them to have a dumbass device like this.  LOL single shot, LOL my sides… they hurt.

I was trying to get a price on this product for you CA dudes.  I did the legwork and went to their website… hit accessories… and nothing.  Oh well I tried.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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ROFL “Night Dragon”:

roast-handCorny-game-of-thrones-ass promo vid.

I bet someone at TrackingPoint’s girlfriend has that logo tattooed on her lower back. ahahah

$12,995 for the first 50 purchases (MSRP normally $15,490).  Thoughts?


From the vid description: TrackingPoint is now hyper-focused on delivering weapons that turn soldiers into a dominant force in the war on extremism.

TrackingPoint-LogoYa, probably a good idea to focus on the military rather than civilian market. Their website looks like it has completely changed now as well to reflect that.

The video itself was a bit too “feel good” for my liking.  I feel like pulling some captured ISIS shitheads out of a military prison and exploding their heads into mist at 1000+ yards while rotisserie’ing pig and drinking beer would have been more effective in conveying the message… but hey I’m not in charge of TrackingPoint marketing (probably for good reason :P).



Pure awesome:

0:28 – Ok, it never said this guy’s name but I’m now assuming he owns / founded TrackingPoint.

TrackingPoint-American-Sniper-ShootoutChris Kyle’s wife Taya Kyle will be competing.  1:30 – $1 Million on the line!  She will be shooting on the TrackingPoint platform v.s. a world class shooting on a military (precision?) rifle.  I always think of a worst case scenario… can you imagine if this world class shooter beat Taya, and kept the $1M?  Oh man that would be like Jesse Ventura levels of butthurt across the board.  Will Jesse Ventura be at this shoot?  Uhhhhhh unlikely (see linked video).

Mason, TX – December 5th. Tickets are only $10 unless you’re Military / Police / First Responder / Fire dept, and then it’s free.  More info on the website where you can also make a donation if you wish.


A flex / announcement… flexnoucement if you will:

Ooooo the shooting technology game is heating up with Silencerco in the mix now too.  Even though we’ve only seen that one vaporware video from Silencerco I have confidence in them to deliver some awesome stuff eventually. Hopefully it will be a game of leapfrog between them and TrackingPoint and other companies which decide to enter the game.

Our man Richie Ryan as the main guy in the video, in case you didn’t notice.  I’m liking that SUV thing he’s rolling in.. a Local Motors XC2V apparently.

TrackingPoint-LogoI know a lot of you guys aren’t thrilled TrackingPoint exists because it’s dumbing down and electronically over complicating shooting.  I think the company is awesome though, and as long as we still have straight mechanical “not smart” firearms I hope this technology continues to advance.

Here’s the usual PR crap companies put out about why/how they are back and what they are doing if you like to concern yourself with formalities like that and read about people on their team you’ve never heard of make generic obvious statements about the future. Yea as you can tell I’m not a fan of big company politics and putting on shows.





Did tracking point even go out with a fight like Rick James?  I feel like they could have got government contracts, or slashed prices even more, stopped R&D and just let the products breathe for a while.  What do I know about anything though *shrug*… Hopefully there aren’t too many people out of jobs, and too many people with rifles who are left without support if need be.

Rick-James-Dave-ChappelleDudes with Tracking Point rifles be like “What imma do with the warranty if something goes wrong Eddie Murphaaaaaay?”

“They should have never gave you ni….” LOL you knew that was coming.

On a more serious note, I hope someone who works there decides to pull the greatest move of all time and open sources everything. That would be such a gangster gesture which would be much appreciated by several industries, and HUGELY piss off lawmakers.