Huey P. Newton Gun Club… Named after the founder of the Black Panthers 🤔.  VODA is iNsTruCtinG here, and is really in his element it appears:

The gun club has a wikipedia page, which is more than I can say I have.  They are based out of Dallas TX.  They have staged public armed patrols through black neighborhoods in South Dallas, in addition to an armed counter-protest at some mosque in South Dallas.  Ok…  Well thankfully everything has been peaceful so far.

Is that a “shooting range” they are “training” on?  Looks like a field?  I would speculate on the type of plant with the white puffs are in that field, but I’ve been around long enough to know someone is just going to spin it to make me look like a racist asshole if I’m wrong.  You know what.. they are probably dandelion puffs.  Yea…

“Firing line work”.  Naturally VODA still has the balaclava on, and he’s in full operator mode.  Good grip lesson at the end hehe.

WHOA… ok ok good start to this next video “We’re in a rally.  We’re in downtown Houston, and these MF’in crackers done got aggressive.  Do you understand what we sayin?  Now we have to take this shit from a peaceful march to a tactical situation.”…. Uh… ok.  Here’s the video:

I bet The FBI agent who is in charge of these guys just spit his coffee out and called his buddies over after hearing that intro.

Oh man… after watching that last video I don’t even know what to say other than I hope their wives or girlfriends or family members see these videos and plead with them to not attend any “rallies” with this group.

One last video where they do a 60 round salute after yelling out “black power”:

Thoughts?  Why is VODA blowin up the Huey P gun club spot like this?  I’m surprised they want record of this kind of tomfoolery, but at the same time it goes with the showboating the Black Panthers did.


When the fellas brought the guns out:

If you need me, the fellas and I are TRAINING LIKE WE FIGHT. Gat tip: @Ramonx24

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You already know they start training like they fight.  😬😬😬

Just when I think “I’ve seen the stupidest thing the gun-related internet has to offer”, I’m dumbfounded by something even worse.



We knew this was going to happen… still sad tho.

No mention of the mass deletion on his fake-woke shitpost blog “ThE GuNfiGhTeR’s ThiNk TanK”.  The title of the only video that remains (embedded above): “Film Choreography Directors Cut”.  Naturally there s a lot of bad advice in this (take headshots etc..).  Oh and contrary to his usual “I DON’T USE BLUE GUNS” mantra, he’s using fake guns (SIRT laser) in this.  So off brand bro, ugh… like do you even train like you fight?  Apparently not  🙄🙄🙄.

7:23 – Man man’s rocking the drop leg like a tru operator.  Respect…. oh wait at 9:11 you can see he’s rocking TWO drop leg holsters.  I just lost my damn mind.

Thoughts?  I’m hoping he just temporarily hid his videos.  If not, I’m sure some of you have them all saved for posterity.  I know I have a few in the old VODA folder to get me through times like this.


Train like you fight:


Would train like that in video #1 with the fellas?  The weekend is coming up.

In his defense, in the second video he’s doing some pretty controlled PULL UP AND SHOOT type stuff out of a car, then some more shooting from under a range canopy.  I’m not mad at the second video.  I’m not mad at the first one either, but the forward roll / muzzle sweeping EVERYONE was a bit much.  Don’t do that crap around me, and we’re cool.  I’m just happy to see people out exercising their right.  Plenty of people start off doing nonsense that’s unsafe (video games and movies are the cause of that maybe? I don’t know), but do that once or twice at a public range and someone will tear them a new one so bad they will likely reflect on it and never do it again.  I’ve seen it happen, and I’ve seen the reformed (safe) shooters return to shoot another day. 

I re-posted the first video on Instagram last week, and let me tell you the comments don’t disappoint. Well the racist ones disappoint me, but this is the internet so predictably it happens.



I feel like these videos are always such a glimpse into the past:

Are they splicing tape at Front Sight?  Are they converting analog to digital?  Are they using Final Cut 0.2?  😂 I’m actually deceased every time I see one of these videos.  I just assume the owner Ignatius Pizza has been repeatedly securing hella bags 💰 since the jump (pure speculation judging by all the google ads I used to see) so naturally I’d expect the promo content to reflect that. It does not.

2:39 – These ladies give the date of the robbery (Feb 22) and holy… ok the video is confirmed 2018. WILD.  I feel like I’m in the matrix.

Yo did any of you guys watch that German thriller “DARK” on netflix?  I feel like if I crawled through the tunnel in the cave I’d end up in the past at Front Sight.  Speaking of which, If I ever attend a halloween party that has gun bros at it, I definitely should rock the front sight fit.  Tan colored head to toe, with the black belt, OWB 1911, black and white surname patch / company name on the pecs… flag with the black border on the right arm.




A lot of the commentary in this is pretty funny / relatable 😂.


Gat tip: David