Soooo high-speed:

Please sir may I have another?  Ugggggggh where does VODA get these guys to “collab” with him on a video?  Is like they don’t have internet access or google.

I wonder who’s going to recognize that range and get them banned? haha

The RR21 guy’s shirt you can see at 0:02 seconds in is from ICE-T’s group Body Count.  The group is cool, even though the prosecution LOVES that sort of thing if you were to be involved in a self defense shooting haha.  Here’s the music video for the song “Talk Shit, Get Shot” featuring those lyrics on the back of the shirt:




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When I made up the post title, I kind of thought it was something I talked about before.  Sure enough you can check out the previous Synchronized Training Like You Fight post I did for a look at something incredibly dangerous.  I’m confident there are numerous other examples, but I would have named the post something dumb so I can’t find them at the moment.

Whatever gets people out to the range shooting / practicing.  The guys in this post are being safe about it at least, even if it is quite theatrical.

<– actual picture of me training like I fight 😉



This is a Belgian soldier during a training exercise apparently:

I was in full butthole pucker / anticipation cringe when he was yelling… but at 0:17 he appeared to not have been hurt bad since he got right up.  Adrenaline maybe, but still.  Looks like some heavy jacket rips on his left shoulder.  I’m guessing by the lack of skin or blood he must have had a ballistic vest on. Phew.. train like you fight disaster averted.

1:25 – Saw the woodland camo at the end and was like 😍😍😍

Thoughts? Notice how I always ask that? Straight outta the content creators handbook hehe.

Gat tip: Shawn


The “Inverted Clearing Option” or ICO as he dubs it:

Man VODA is high speed.  So knowledgeable too.. just when I think the industry isn’t at a standstill he’s TM’ing terms and inventing methods.  Inspirational.  One of the great shooting minds of our time.

0:01 – Talking about how he had a brief conversation with Shoothouse P (Sonny Puzikas)… actually he just was speaking about malfunctions on a live feed… not to VODA.  BUT WHATEVER GUYS that’s not the point 😂 says VODA.  They he continues on to say “We were discussing…”. Um sorry swEatie?

2:40 – He’s still inside his house, but decides to transition to demonstrating with live rounds… lets see how this pans out.  I’m not sure why a snap cap wouldn’t have worked *shrug* but here we are.

5:24 – When the words “and I press the trigger” were coming out of his mouth I cringe-flinched because I was still imagining a live round in play.

6:17 – He big-ups Shoothouse P again, like they are bros, and how they “knowledge transfer”.  Sure buddy.

Thoughts?  What’s it going to take for VODA to be taken more seriously in this industry?  Is he going to have to negligently shoot someone to fast track this success or what?


Exhibit A:

Sorry fellas I don’t make the rules.  If you’re just standing around at the range pulling the trigger every now and then between sips of your grande latte, scrolling your phone to see what the latest upcoming SHOT SHOW 2019 gossip is, then I hate to break it to you but you’ll die in a fight.  You gotta try these things to find what you’re uncomfortable with, and just keep doing it.



Another day, another video of people training like they fight:

I don’t know what’s more bizarre, the video or Rockwell Tactical’s response to the internet critiquing the video. If you click through to the other slides to the right of the video you can read it. Surprisingly the “DO YOU EVEN KNOW THE KOALAFICATSHUNS OF THE GUYS IN THIS CLASS AND THE KOALAFICATSHUNS OF THE INSTRUCTORS!?” comments are absent this time.

I’m not sure what good “medical equipment” will do when someone potentially takes a round to the head, but I also really don’t know anything about ballistics outside what I’ve learned on The Box-O-Truth, my own shooting at random things, and videos I’ve watched on YouTube.  No one got shot in the video thankfully, so we didn’t have to find out.

“We make sure we have comms to EMS and route to nearest hospital”.  I liked that part also.