Another day, another video of people training like they fight:

I don’t know what’s more bizarre, the video or Rockwell Tactical’s response to the internet critiquing the video. If you click through to the other slides to the right of the video you can read it. Surprisingly the “DO YOU EVEN KNOW THE KOALAFICATSHUNS OF THE GUYS IN THIS CLASS AND THE KOALAFICATSHUNS OF THE INSTRUCTORS!?” comments are absent this time.

I’m not sure what good “medical equipment” will do when someone potentially takes a round to the head, but I also really don’t know anything about ballistics outside what I’ve learned on The Box-O-Truth, my own shooting at random things, and videos I’ve watched on YouTube.  No one got shot in the video thankfully, so we didn’t have to find out.

“We make sure we have comms to EMS and route to nearest hospital”.  I liked that part also.



VICE looks into it… it’s wild:

Ok I’m like 10 seconds in and I’m already like 🤔🤔🤔.  Where do I get a bullet crown to wear around the crib to annoy my girlfriend with?  I need a real kingly .50 BMG one 😂.

1:17 – 1911 + Karambit.  A classic combo for those with EXTREMELY fine taste 🍷.  haha they keep showing this setup over and over during the next few minutes.

2:47 – What’s the point of being armed at church, if all your guns are ziptied inoperable?  That’s called faking the funk.

4:40 – This lady speaks the truth.

6:07 – Man man’s got ducks in a pond, and a crib that’s on a hill which can see three states.  That’s a holy flex ⛪️💪.

6:37 – Crown / AR-15 silhouette custom camo hahha

9:27 – I hope we get to see him shoot a 20mm (to match that round on his desk) later.

12:58 – The VICE girl is looking like “This dude with the combover can’t be serious with this terrible Happy Birthday flip?”

13:13 – They keep showing that delicious looking fruit, and it’s making me want a fruit salad.

23:16 – LOL his brother is the owner of KHAR ARMS.

28:07 – Ah there it is… wolf and predator talk.  I knew this guy was a sheepdog 😂.

If this guy doesn’t say “If you come at the king, you best not miss” like Omar from the wire, then he’s not only doing himself an injustice but also his congregation.

Thoughts?  What do you think, does Gun King read ENDO?  He’s definitely putting his Harvard education to work.

Gat tip: Spencer


Damn I heard the electronic noise, the explosion, more electronic noise, and a shell casing drop in the intro all while looking at the words EXCLUSIVE and PATERON, and FuNkEr TaCtiCaL and I knew it was going to be some premium-ass content:

Holy, I can’t believe they gave us that for free without even contributing to their pAteRoN *sarcasm*.  In fUnKeR’s defense, everyone has been beating a dead tactics content horse for a Looooooooong time.  These videos just come in different shapes and sizes now… sometimes it’s a fat guy in a polo shirt saying the same thing,  maybe it’s a guy on Instagram who wears skinny jeans spikes his hair moves like a robot and has biblical stuff in his bio, maybe it’s a “relatable cool mom”.  It’s all the same.  Oh well /rant off.. fellas, these are the hazards of shitposting. I gotta comb through to find only the shittiest content to aggregate or I’m not doing my job.



Looks like all his videos are back online, and he’s stoking the content dumpster fire once again:

That’s some good-ass content.  Not only did I love the tactical horse stance, but I also enjoyed the fact he fired the video up on his own facebook account, then recorded the screen on his phone.  That’s stuff they just don’t teach you in video school.  The big dogs learn hacks like that on their own and excel 🤘🚀.

Oh man, now this video below is really something.  Called “Accelerated Entry – Part 1”:

Part 2 is equally as epic:

Then for those that aren’t as hiGh SpeEd as VODA he has a couple “Delayed Entry” videos up as well.  They are boring so I’m gonna save the embed kilobytes, but I think it goes without saying that he probably recently watched Sicario, or HEAT or something and was really feeling himself.  Speaking of really feeling himself, here he is stroking his ego and some sort of talk he put on about his women’s program which he calls “M.A.C.K.™️”… which is actually a very poor pick word-wise even though it’s a clever acronym.  I assumed maybe my knowing that “Mack” was slang for hitting on girls was a regional thing… but nope the entire internet is in consensus that is the definition.

What’s the patch on his “uniform”… something something MALL SECURITY?

I’m seriously getting dumber following this guy’s online career, but I do it for you guys, for the sport, and for the glory so it’s all good.  Obviously I don’t disagree with some of what he says in the video, but when it’s mixed in with so much cringe it’s pretty bad.

Thoughts?  You a fan of the drop leg as much as VODA?  Did any of you fellas ™️ an acronym or do anything notable like film an accelerated entry video lately?  Heh yea I didn’t think so, me either 😏😂.  I gotta wonder if VODA is turning any of these ™️’s to Ⓡ’s?  Because I’m a sucker for punishment I searched the USPTO but couldn’t see anything after the first 20 or so clicks that appeared to be his.  Also, he’s doing a lot of stuff for the ladies lately… is this a way to meet women or is it purely altruistic?  I’m not hating on the last point if it’s not altruistic, I’ve done some stupid things and went to some stupid places I wouldn’t have otherwise went in the past to meet girls… not “Make a protection program for women and call it MACK; powerpoint presenting it to a largely empty room while wearing a uniform with two drop leg holsters on” stupid mind you, but still.



Yea I don’t know guys… I see stuff like this and I never want to go hiking or leave the house again without a full bomb squad style ballistic suit on for that matter.

Gotta train like you fight *shrug*.


Gat tip: @vaughntabulous


Huey P. Newton Gun Club… Named after the founder of the Black Panthers 🤔.  VODA is iNsTruCtinG here, and is really in his element it appears:

The gun club has a wikipedia page, which is more than I can say I have.  They are based out of Dallas TX.  They have staged public armed patrols through black neighborhoods in South Dallas, in addition to an armed counter-protest at some mosque in South Dallas.  Ok…  Well thankfully everything has been peaceful so far.

Is that a “shooting range” they are “training” on?  Looks like a field?  I would speculate on the type of plant with the white puffs are in that field, but I’ve been around long enough to know someone is just going to spin it to make me look like a racist asshole if I’m wrong.  You know what.. they are probably dandelion puffs.  Yea…

“Firing line work”.  Naturally VODA still has the balaclava on, and he’s in full operator mode.  Good grip lesson at the end hehe.

WHOA… ok ok good start to this next video “We’re in a rally.  We’re in downtown Houston, and these MF’in crackers done got aggressive.  Do you understand what we sayin?  Now we have to take this shit from a peaceful march to a tactical situation.”…. Uh… ok.  Here’s the video:

I bet The FBI agent who is in charge of these guys just spit his coffee out and called his buddies over after hearing that intro.

Oh man… after watching that last video I don’t even know what to say other than I hope their wives or girlfriends or family members see these videos and plead with them to not attend any “rallies” with this group.

One last video where they do a 60 round salute after yelling out “black power”:

Thoughts?  Why is VODA blowin up the Huey P gun club spot like this?  I’m surprised they want record of this kind of tomfoolery, but at the same time it goes with the showboating the Black Panthers did.