Big yikes:

😂 I’ll never not be annoyed when someone doesn’t @ the people in the vids.  It’s not like these vids were “leaked”… they literally would have been posted publicly on social media as a flex.  That’s typically how it starts before everything goes sideways and they delete the video.  A tale as old as time.


Gat tip: Firepower United

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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It’s “tactical” because he has a SIRT laser gun:

Not really sure how having a curl bar weigh down your arms is helpful, but it’s definitely provocative.  I guess carrying it in the non shooting hand like he does next could be helpful?

Laying down pumping your legs and shooting is another one that puzzles me… oh well?

Florida Defensive Training are the fellas who made the vid, if you want to train with them.



Train like you fight:

Interesting.. he says in the video that 3 to 4x more people have wanted to train since the Ukraine war started.  They are definitely a bit concerned about an attack by Beijing.

The airsoft guns are so fancy nowadays, the skills are definitely transferrable if they ever need them.

I wonder how the underground 3D printing scene is there? 🤔


For the new “gold status” membership. Tell me this isn’t exactly what you expected.  💅 I’ll wait…

The old folks are LOVING the “gold status” upgrade.

It’s inspirational how the boomer sales funnel at Front Sight is second to none.. absolutely TUNED IN.  Although the site doesn’t look like it has been updated since 1992, I’m sure it converts like crazy.  I can’t even find anything on the site’s membership page about this “gold status” membership, but a quick google search brings up this Nevada Shooters forum post from a couple months ago, with the gold status email pasted.  When I saw the length of that email in the post I was like 🤣😂💀 yea I’m not reading that.  I took that email and copy/pasted it into an online word counter, and I SHIT YOU NOT it’s 3342 words ahaha.  Who has time for that?  I guess that only solidifies exactly who the intended audience is in the first place. With my poor attitude, it’s Looking like I won’t be getting gold status + my name crookedly scrawled on a piece of tape and stuck to my hat. Really puts things into perspective.

Thoughts?  Oh and if you’re new here, that is indeed an “Ignatius Pizza” as the thumbnail.


It’s pretty mind blowing how quick he is:

Happy to see he’s back creating content.  Impressive that he managed not to shoot his timer screen too.  I’d have winged that thing on the first set 😫😂.

My only recent criticism of Zero is now that he has a woman he’s posting too much cute content with her, when he should be posting more Stone Island thirst traps.



He hit the timeline with these three thirsty pics today:

Much like the Chris Costa lever action pics I posted today, these VODA pics have a LOT of single dad energy ⚡️.  Do I blame him for trying to leverage his 2065 person follower count to try and court a new attractive tactical lady? I absolutely support it, go off king.

Google translation of all the captions:

Yes, I am a professional photographer; but I will never forget who I trained with. 7 years ago I opened VODA INC. and taught ordinary civilians how to shoot firearms [Gun-Fighting]. Even across the US, my home and I love being here – I will always be, accordingly, pro-Russian, and I will always love Russian weapons systems.

Ah ok, pro Russian but with a German gun in the pics.. got it.  My guess is VODA disappeared initially because he was irritated that Detroit D.U.S.T. bozo was getting so much attention for not even being as dumb as VODA is/was.  The problem was, VODA wasn’t marketing himself well enough.  This new “pRo RuSsiA / PrO PutiN” scheme is definitely an attention grab.  Once again, shitty marketing… it’s not even shocking.  If he wants to make it in the mainstream of the firearms derp content industry he’s really going to have to start doing better.  I’m talking shockingly dumb videos doing shockingly dumb stuff + showing so much conviction that what you’re demonstrating is actually 100% infallible and indisputable.. like old school VODA turned up to 11 and without silencing the detractors through bans, deleted comments and limiting comments.  As always, I’m available for consulting if you ever want to hit me up VODA.  I know you read this blog because you block me on IG whenever you get a new account.


Gat tip: Dave, Axle Von Foley