Marky Mark and some blond girl instead of Megan Fox and that french beef kid:

Transformers-Age-Of-Extinction-PosterMeh, I’ll probably watch it eventually.  The special effects look amazing, and it will be nice to see Chicago… the story line though looks like they are running out of ideas. This doesn’t seem to my like a typical movie Marky Mark would take.

In theaters June 27, 2014.



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Hat tip: Teaser-trailer

That would be priceless if it went down like that between Shia LaBeouf and Tyrese Gibson, but I’m not holding my breath.

The upper receiver looks like an AT4 with some extras. I’m not sure about the night vision.. I don’t know much about those.


In an attempt to get Michael Bay’s attention to cast her in Transformers III, ‘The Hills’ star Heidi Montag gets down to business:


I am very impressed with that video.  I don’t think she is the right pick for Transformers III now that Megan Fox got dropped, but Heidi is definitely showing some impressive gun handling and gun safety.

Her draw, and re-holster are both pretty damn smooth too.

I take back what I said about her and Spencer Pratt in 2008… well maybe not what I said about Spencer.