Charlotte, NC home of armed trash pickup by 19 year old operator John Schultz:

Full Story – WCNC

Rifle, bulletproof vest, extra magazines, zip ties, desert camouflage pants, and a knife.  Those look like fairly nice houses in the background… mean streets of the suburbs though require such a tactical loadout for trash pickup no doubt. Someone better not spit gum on the sidewalk within this guy’s field of view or they might get a rifle shoved in their face.

Alright, what’s this guys ARFCOM or /k/ username? Does he read ENDO?

Tactical-Trash-Pickup-LoadoutSeems unnecessary but if he’s within the law doing it then good for him I guess? I can’t help but think that this kid is going to get himself into some shit sometime when someone decides to punk him by taunting him to use his rifle, or else sneaking up on him from behind and taking it from him just to prove a point.  I’m just throwing a couple scenarios out there which I doubt he’s prepared for…


Hat tip: Jay


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Crazy slingshot guy Joerg Sprave gives it a go:

Pepper spray from old chili powder, bolas from cat food cans and batteries, and even a full blown crossbow from a broom handle and old kitchen gloves.

The video is a bit longer and slower than some of his others… but still interesting to see what he can do.

I still prefer firearms, but getting hit with any one of those would obviously hurt and/or incapacitate a person.



LOL amazing. I hope they make more of these vids.

You can check out the original video that this is a follow up to – HERE


LOL amazing.