Trayvon Martin

Just when he realized everyone forgot about him (for the 73rd time):

George-Zimmerman-TwitterThe starting bid for the gun was $5000.  Naturally GunBroker doesn’t want anything to do with the pistol. Full story on CNN.

If anyone out there”feels sorry for George Zimmerman” I’d really like to hear why.  This guy does nothing but do wild bullshit to vault his fat face back into the spotlight every time we forget about it.  You can check the George Zimmerman tag on this website for all the stories I’ve blogged about, which sadly is just a fraction of all the things he’s done.


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Sweet arsenal bro *eye roll*:


You can watch the Nancy Grace yelling about it here if you have a strong stomach.

Nancy Grace’s voice makes me want to throw up.  So an arsenal is 100+ rounds of ammunition and 5 guns?  hahah cool.

I still have no use for Zimmerman, but he was found not guilty so I wish everyone would just leave him alone so he could fade back into obscurity.


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I have zero use for Zimmerman or Saint Skittles… this pisses me off though:


Yea… final ending bid was $110,100.  Check out the ebay auction, and the news story verifying its authenticity.

It’s all the media’s fault.  Turn some average guy who defended himself (yea sure you can argue he didn’t NEED TO but we’re past that because the court made it’s decision) into a celebrity and this is what you get.

I just hope Zimmerman spends the $110k on guns, ammo, champagne, and food.  I say food, because the roly-poly Zimmerman was 1000x more marketable in the sympathy department than the brolic diesel Zimmerman (although he is looking a bit softer again in the above pic).  GZ isn’t a businessman, he’s a business Mannnnnnnn.

How long until Michael’s or Hobby Lobby’s Asian distributors catch wind of this painting and rip it off?  I give it a week.


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Magic bullet humor = magically not funny or tasteful:

JFK-Assassination-Toast-ArtI’m no marketing genius, but why a French company would run such a distinctly American ad doesn’t really make much sense to me in the first place.  If they were going for edgy and American, they should have done something Travon/Zimmerman related to really piss people off.  Sure people will still get upset and offended by John F. Kennedy assassination humor, but it’s guaranteed not to cause nearly as much of a stir as something controversially fresh no matter what country you live in.

Pictured left is some JFK assassination toast FAIL art I blogged about a while back… as you can see he was hit with the entire cartridge. *face palm*



Gossip website TMZ with the goods:


Zimmerman went to Kel-Tec in Cocoa, Florida … a gun manufacturing company.  We’re told he was asking questions about the legality of buying a shotgun — specifically, the Kel-Tec KSG.


Zimmerman wants a KSG!  Oh the LOLz.

I think it’s interesting that he would want his picture taken on purpose, knowing where it would likely definitely end up.  Did I miss something this past week, or is there still a significant percentage of the population that wants this guy dead?  Did Zimmerman suddenly become a fame-whore?  Maybe Kel-Tec will use him in some controversial ads? Heh… not likely, but you never know.



Ken Hanson from Buckeye Firearms Foundation keeps it mad real:

Typical Piers, blames only the gun and the shooter without looking at anything else.  News Flash: George Zimmerman WAS ACQUITTED. *eye roll* oh Piers…

The “Why don’t you raise money for protection to Trayvon’s family?” line of Piers’ was pure gold.

1:53 – “Right, but what if he (Zimmerman) does it again?” – *facepalm*

8:00 – “What about all the countries that brought in tough gun control laws like….” – OMG please do yourself and the world a favor Piers and move to one of those countries with your millions of dollars and STFU.

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-OffIs CNN even a real news network anymore?  I’m assuming Piers is on the books as “Entertainment” because he really just uses his stupidity and anger to try and get on his guest’s nerves and make them angry enough to trip up.  The tactic has worked in the past, but didn’t work on Ken “cooler than the other side of the pillow” Hanson.


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