Because her single skittle trick shot didn’t troll hard enough:

Kirsten talks shit about Skittlees not being ROYGBIV as _ _ _ _  like they should be, then proceeds to execute them one by one somewhere in the desert.  Looks almost like where ASAC Schrader was buried… watch how I am about about to shoehorn a rap reference into this post in 3…2…1:



haha of course comment number one on Kirsten’s video was No one to get the ammo out and hand it to you?  I will take that job. lol -TubeYou” YouTube comments rarely disappoint.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?  I’d like to see how surgical Kirsten is with something more powerful like an AR-15.


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Too soon?  Nah. Kirsten says bring it on.


Yea Kirsten is going to say this wasn’t a Trayvon related trick shot.  Sure Kirsten.. whatevs *wink wink*

Next up, an Arizona watermelon iced tea shot?  Actually I have a better idea.  Wear a hoodie, shoot the skittle off the eraser and make it fly into a double styrofoam cup, then above that cup have codeine cough syrup and the Arizona iced tea which you put one shot each to drain them.  BOOM!  LEAN TRICK SHOT.  Oh… and you need to bump DJ Screw for the background music.



So many murders every day because of stand your ground laws in those 26 states that have it.  Oh wait, there isn’t. *eye roll*:

This derpy “George Zimmerman is a mass murderer” commercial was put out by Coalition To Stop Gun Violence.  As you can see they like to blame murders on things like laws and guns, not people and their decisions/actions.  

And what’s with the tag line “our laws should protect victims, not create more”?  LOL wtf?  If the shooting is justified I’d hardly call the dead scumbag a “victim”.  Well I guess they are a victim of their own stupidity and poor life choices… definitely not a victim of the law though.

Coalition-To-Stop-Gun-ViolenceHow long are we still going to have to hear about Zimmerman and Trayvon?  Oh right, it’s going to be until the next incident happens where the media and everyone else that wants guns banned can dance on that fresh blood instead. Even better if it can be turned into another race issue.



Giving Piers Morgan’s level of class a run for its money:

The guy has a point about Zimmerman being a concealed weapons permit holder.  God I hate when people do that politician style fist-knuckley thing while they are talking to emphasize what they are saying; dude is very hand-gesturey in general.

Nancy Grace’s response to Zimmerman having a concealed weapons permit?  “I don’t care. I DON’T Care.  And you know what Jefferey Dahmer had a legal right to have knives and a boiling pot and that doesn’t mean it’s OK.” <—- WAT? Yea that Dahmer comparison was weak.

Trying to prove a point while getting angry rarely works.  This case (1:47) the guy got muted hahah what a burn :(  … I bet he wanted to go smash things after that.  Even Piers Morgan didn’t pull anything that low, he just raises he voice over the person he’s arguing with.

Nancy-Grace2:03 we have another Nancy Grace gem about how everyone has the right to carry a gun but apparently it’s not normal to carry a “Loaded gun with live ammo and no safety” to walk a dog.  Huh?  Sometime I wonder what country these people live in.  Maybe it’s just the fact they are so rich and get everything including personal protection taken care of for them they just have no idea how regular people live anymore.



Wow, this is terrible / obnoxious:

Trayvon-Martin-Shooting-TargetOnly two white kids in the video!? THAT’S RACIST!  haha.  The video was put out by the Broward County Sheriff’s office in Florida.

<— Very little traffic on the Trayvon Martin Shooting Target post lately.  So much mad and butthurt on there because people though I made the target up.  Almost as entertaining as the handful of emails I get everyday about people asking if they can buy bricks of .22LR from me because they either don’t understand how a blog works, or don’t take 2 seconds to read the post.

Hat tip: Carl


Totally Biased with Kamau Bell everyone:

At least the name of the show is accurate! hahaha

I have zero opinion any more on the Zimmerman / Trayvon thing.  I just want it to disappear… I’m sick of hearing about both those names and how much of a piece of shit they both were (are) from the opposing sides.  Yea I get it… Zimmerman is a racist and Trayvon was an angel *eye roll*, can we move on now and use the facts we know to make this go away?

Trayvon-Martin-Shooting-TargetChris Rock quit being funny a while back apparently.  Remember this?  A real shame, because his stand up back in the day was hilarious.

I haven’t heard of this Kamau Bell guy before today, but he doesn’t appear to be anything special.  Definitely not a natural.

I wonder if the traffic will pick up again on the Trayvon Martin Shooting Target post?  It’s an emotional roller coaster in there.  I love geting emails from people telling me I never should have made the target, and that I should go to hell.  If they would have read even sentence #1 in that post they would have seen I had nothing to do with it.  haha oh people…