Holy this gets expensive:

68 Rounds.  Even at like $3 or $4 per round that’s like $204 to  $272 total haha. Sooner or later some Arborist is going to come on here and talk shit / tell me that removing a tree properly actually costs more than $272 😂.

This vid brought to you by Dustin, the same guy to operate operationally on a trampoline.

Thoughts? The proof of concept is neat even though it’s biN duN beFo.  That said, I can think of 68 different / cooler things to shoot each of those rounds at.

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This is fresh.  Draco Season:

From Instagram user kojot39.  He’s got quite a few other pictures up of the build if you click through.

Started with a branch,  now we’re here.  Still not as classy as this (but really what is? 😆)

Thoughts?  Would pull up with the actual STICK and LET IT HIT? 🤔😬😂

I’m actually really surprised no one has made that toilet seat stock for YouTube views yet.  I just checked.


All in a day’s work:

Sons-Of-Guns-Stephanie-Hayden-DerpThe start of the video was definitely an act…. Not really sure what he was trying to say, but it sounded like there was a “pig in the tree?”.  Regardless of the initial staging, all his body weight was definitely off the ground before that branch gloriously snapped sending him to the ground directly onto his elbow by the look of it.

Definitely not shopped.  I can verify it’s authenticity by the pixels and splinters.


Scary when you’re not expecting it:

Haha I’m surprised there aren’t more of these types of videos on YouTube.  Rotten trees come down pretty easy.

Gun-Christmas-TreePart of me thinks it might be somehow faked or at the very least planned judging by the sentence in the description: For licensing/usage contact  <— Meh a marketing company.  Wouldn’t be the first time something like this has been faked in an effort to have it go viral.


Hat tip: SayUncle


Richard Ryan gets festive with it:

1:36 – He’s packing up… I was like HUH?  That’s a star Richard not a tree!

1:41 – Oh a circle of rocks being set out… this is going to be good

2:13 – Wait… that’s string.  Booooo MOAR DET CORD!

2:30 – Mother of god…. I like where this is going

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-AWBHoly… that slow motion footage is epic as usual.



First PETA was like -.- then they were like :D

Hickok45-YoutubeHickok45 doing it like he does every year.  Not that exciting but still cool.