trex arms

Sensational *Future voice*:

Mindblowing.  What do you think TREX is doing as far as yearly revenue goes?  $5 – $10 million?  Split like 60/40 for training / product sales?  A lot of space and a lot of expensive looking stuff.  Very inspirational and impressive.

I’ve said this many times before, but my absolute favorite thing about Lucas is he can shoot like a machine and he’s a civilian.  This literally makes the “buT whAt r his QuALiFicAtIonS?” military gatekeeper bros’ blood boil.  You love to see it.  The greatest thing about 2021 and beyond is that your skill level now means everything.  Simply having gone to Harvard School Of Operational Operations doesn’t mean you can teach as well as someone who grew up playing airsoft and shooting in their backyard and learning on the internet.


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Good vid:

I was like 19 seconds in, and thinking “these guys really need a tripod”.  I get that the freehand filming is a thing, but I was kind of getting seasick.

I don’t know if I agree that painting the gun something other than black makes it look less like a gun, but if he says so 🤷‍♂️.  Man that guy has some nice stuff.

The video is quite long, but definitely good.  Put it on in the background or something if you don’t have 38 min to stare at the screen.

Thoughts?  My absolute favorite thing about Lucas and T-Rex Arms in general is that some people hate on both him and the company because he’s not former military or law enforcement.  People HATE it when they spent a career doing something or went to school for something, only to be bested by some dude with time, intelligence, and determination.  It’s funny to see the comments and responses play out online.

P.S. – If you held up some flashcards of pictures of various dudes wearing hats. I could probably tell you with fairly high accuracy what state they live in based on their brim curvature.